Tesla Autopilot Feature: Is it Living up to What the Company Promised?

tesla autopilot featureA year ago, Tesla stunned the car world with a beautifully designed and technologically advanced driving machine. One of the biggest features in the release of this new car was the Tesla Autopilot feature. This feature promises “full-service driving” where they expected that by 2019, drivers would be able to sleep in their cars even when on road trips.

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iPhone Software Glitch frustrating Apple Users All Over the World

iPhone software glitchOver the last month, Apple iPhone users have noticed a strange bug when they type the letter “i” on any application. The iPhone software glitch sends a number of symbols instead of the simple letter “i,” making it hard to interpret messages. This glitch has been frustrating users all over the world. Consumers are desperately waiting for Apple to address the issue. Continue reading

Amazon In-Home Delivery Service Fighting Back Against Package Thieves

Amazon In-Home Delivery ServiceSince many people around the world have had issues with package thieves, Amazon has attempted to come up with a solution. The new and improved Amazon In-Home Delivery is an effort to allow the Amazon delivery drivers access inside homes to ensure that the packages are safe. The new service is known as “Amazon Key” and is only available to Amazon Prime members in select areas. Continue reading

New Grocery Delivery Service is Setting Walmart Apart From Competitors

grocery delivery serviceCurrently, Walmart is testing out their brand new grocery delivery service. This service entails a delivery person physically going inside the customer’s houses and putting away groceries into their fridge. While some customers may not feel comfortable having a stranger walking into their home, Walmart wants to make sure that they give willing customers the opportunity to try the service and decide whether it is a valuable way to simplify lives and save time. Continue reading