Four Years of College… A 2020 Grad’s Reflection on Her Time at SMU

Each day seemed to pass by slowly. The weeks sometimes drugged by even slower. But the months and the semesters and the years? Now, those flew by faster than expected. Now, I look back on the four years I spent at Southern Methodist University (well, 3.5 years on campus and .5 years in my parents’ house attending “Zoom” University). These four years of college have shaped me immensely. I never imagined some of the struggles I would face, the mountains I would have to climb. But, I also never imagined how many special moments I would experience, all of the people I would cross paths with, and how much my four years of my life would change me for the better.

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Free Resources to Learn New PR Skills During Quarantine

Watching TikToks, becoming a skilled bartender, and mastering DIY projects are great ways to pass the time during the quarantine. However, it is important to keep your mind challenged and show your future employer that you used some of this time productively. Below, we are sharing free resources to learn new PR skills during the quarantine. All of these would be great examples to share during interviews when you get asked: “what did you do during quarantine?”

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Companies Crushing the Communication Game During Quarantine

Communication during crises is essential to the survival of a business. But COVID-19 has shown some companies’ true colors. Some businesses are over-communicating. Some are under communicating. And some are communicating when they should be staying silent. Below is a list of some admirable companies crushing the communication game during the quarantine.

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Tips to Unplug After Work

While COVID-19 has everyone working from home, it can be hard to know when to officially sign off for the evening. For most of us, working from home is unfamiliar territory. Now, we have to mentally divide our time in the “office” from our time at home. It can be difficult to relax at the end of the day, but that is why we are sharing five tips tp unplug after work.

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Personal Branding While Working From Home

While most Americans are working from home due to COVID-19, it is still important to maintain a positive personal brand. In fact, it is more important than ever before.

A lot goes into a personal brand. The list includes, but is not limited to, the way you dress, the way you carry yourself in a room, and the look of your business cards. Your personal brand is what people remember you by after you leave the room. Think to yourself, “How do I want to be remembered in the professional world?” Now that most companies are having employees work from home, there are a few important changes to how you should implement your personal brand. Some important tips are listed below.

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Interview Questions You Need to Know Before Your Next Interview

Whether it is over the phone or in-person, interviews can be scary. You want to say the right thing and leave a good, lasting impression. Of course, you should dress professionally, be kind, and act professionally. However, some interviews can go south quickly once you are asked a question you were not prepared for. Below is a list of interview questions you need to know before your next interview. Brainstorm your answers for these questions to lower your chance of getting flustered in your next interview. Make sure to also highlight your digital communication skills when answering these questions.

interview questions you need to know before your next interview... man sitting at a desk with his resumé in front of him
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How to Create Positive Influencer Relations: 4 Tips from a Micro-Influencer

Working with bloggers and influencers is a relatively new concept with little “textbook” advice on the subject. It can be difficult to create positive influencer relations. Anyone can work with an influencer once. The challenging part is creating positive recurring collaboration. How is this done? Below, we are sharing four tips from a micro-influencer.

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How Podcasting Can Help Your Business + Tips for Starting a Podcast

how podcasting can help your business

Back in the day, people would tune in to their favorite radio station to hear news, music, and gossip. Today, podcasts are people’s go-to for learning about new topics and staying informed. Think of podcasts like books. You can listen to podcasts about crime, comedy, professionalism, and thousands of niches. People are constantly on the go. Podcasts are favored because you can listen anytime, anywhere. Many people are choosing podcasts over videos and books. But what does this mean for your business? Below are a few ways to use podcasts to help your business.

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Anonymous Social Media Apps: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

anonymous social media apps

In a world that values authenticity and transparency more than ever, anonymous social media apps can be a controversial topic. Some popular anonymous apps include Whisper, Secret, Gossup, Rumor, and WUT. These apps allow people to express themselves, ask “dumb” questions and share knowledge with strangers. However, these apps also allow people to hide behind a screen and say hurtful things to others. Do the positives outweigh the negatives? Let’s review the pros and cons. Then you can decide if these apps are truly beneficial for society.

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Fake It Until You Make It: 5 Apps to Download If You Don’t Use Photoshop

photoshop alternatives

In the digital world of 2020, every company expects its team to know how to make eye-catching visuals. The most common way to create unique, one of a kind visuals? Photoshop, InDesign, and the rest of the Adobe Creative Cloud win every time. However, Photoshop is difficult to learn and cannot be mastered overnight. Luckily, you can learn Photoshop and InDesign via LinkedIn courses or Youtube tutorials. But in the meantime, here are five apps that can help you make stunning digital content from your smartphone.

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