Increasing Your Social Media Presence

Klout Launches New iOS App

An important factor in today’s world is increasing your social media presence and networking. Whether you are in the business world or in college, spreading your reach on social media helps build relationships. Klout just launched a new app that will provide information for you to expand your reach and increase your social media presence.

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Americans Should Prepare for the World Cup

Heading to the 2014 World Cup

Like a business professional prepares for their meeting, Americans should prepare for the World Cup. With the help of social media, soccer has become more popular in the United States. The World Cup combines passionate soccer fans from all over the world, and the United States does not want to be unprepared for their meeting with the world. The United States currently is leading for top ticket sales to the World Cup matches. The statistics have showed that the United States has bought 154,412 tickets so far.


United States Men’s National Team

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iPad welcomes Microsoft Office

Working out of the Office

The concept of work as simply going to the office has changed a lot in the past few years. Before all the advances in technology, a typical workday would consist of going to the office from 9 AM to 5 PM. The creation of the iPad makes work from home more convenient and popular. One can now access their files on the go, as iPad welcomes Microsoft Office to their applications.


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Social Media as Alert Systems

Keeping Communities Aware through Social Media

Police Departments have started using social media as alert systems to keep communities aware. They have learned the importance of social media in connecting with their community and keeping them aware. Using social media creates a positive relationship between the police department and its community. It also allows the community to be involved and assist their department by providing information to help in certain cases.


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New Disney App Opens the Vault

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures created a new app suitable for iOS, that enables a subscriber to purchase films that are stored in the infamous, Disney Vault. This new app connects with iTunes so the user can download previously purchased Disney, Marvel and Pixar films, or buy a new one.

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Are Targeted Messages the New Norm?

Social Media Satisfies Consumers Wants

With today’s technology and popularity of social media, organizations are able to create specific messages tailored to the individual rather than the masses. Consumers are statistically shown to appreciate the individualized marketing that brands and organizations have started using.

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