Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Changes Company Mantra

Facebook’s motto has always been “Move Fast and Break Things,” which meant to always be creating new things and work out the bugs later. Instead of progressing the company in the fastest, most efficient way possible, that mentality has had a reverse effect on their productivity. Zuckerberg saw this and was compelled to change the company mantra.  Continue reading

A Reflection on My Collegiate Years

Everyone says, “College is the best four years of your life.” I think college is what you make of it. I hope college isn’t the best four years of my life because I have big plans in my future, and how I spent all of my time at SMU wasn’t how I dreamed college would be. When reflecting on my collegiate years, I cannot help but feel thankful and disappointed. Two powerful emotions dramatically crashing against each other.  Continue reading

Cyber Dust App Deletes Messages After Reading

Snapchat meets WhatsApp in Cyber Dust app’s message-disappearing app

CyberdustParenting in the modern world encourages kids to be in person, face-to-face with someone when telling something secretive, possibly inappropriate, or desirably “off the record.” Anything digital can be traced back to the source. There are deep, dark corners of the Internet, but The Silk Road was still uncovered. There are privacy promises made, but Snapchat was still hacked. There are emails that are encrypted, but still, people gain access to confidential information. Imagine never leaving a digital footprint again. Cyber Dust, an app that automatically deletes every message, picture, emoji, and interaction as soon as it is read, is one of the first apps to completely delete any traceable messages (unless someone takes a screenshot, of course). Continue reading

Time for Twitter to Reinvent Itself

As Twitter falls behind in the social media realm, other companies and products are rising to the top. Will Twitter be able to adapt and reinvent itself to be a top competitor?

Social media and technology are constantly changing and developing to do more and reach wider audiences. Twitter has seen dramatic declines in the last three years. Though its growth spread to an impressive 140% increase in 2011, that growth has diminished to a mere 40% overall. Can Twitter rise from its ashes and rebuild itself? Continue reading

Changing the Way We Give

Compassion for HumanityCrowdfunding is an online pooling of individuals who donate money for a cause or project presented by other individuals or groups. One man and his wife took a different perspective on the phenomenon. Together they created the world’s first ever non-profit crowdfunding website to help individuals around the world.  Continue reading

Dead Poet(ry) Society

Verses features various rhyming and writing tools.

Verses features various rhyming and writing tools.

Is poetry a form of art that can adapt to modern society?

Technology’s development in modern society has been one of the greatest catalysts for change and progress. Almost everything is becoming digital. But can everything become digitalized? Does anything lose value as it becomes infused into our ever digital world?  Continue reading

Statigram Yields More Double Taps

StatigramStatigram optimizes Instagram use by analyzing posts, interactions, and trends. 

Instagram may be one of the newest, most popular social media apps, but it’s proving to be one of the most profitable for businesses, especially fashion. Businesses post Instagram allows users to scroll through photos and either double tap to like it, or simply continue moving on. There are countless programs that analyze websites, Twitter accounts, and Facebook pages, but Statigram is a revolutionary tool for any Instagramers. Continue reading

SocialBro is Your Homie


Here is an example of SocialBro's analysis for a company.

Here is an example of SocialBro’s analysis for a company.

SocialBro enhances a Twitter account’s productivity and utility through analytical, targeting, engaging, and managing features. 

In today’s ever-competitive social media market, companies are perpetually searching for the most up-to-date technology to increase their online presence. Popular application and programs include Hootsuite, Klout, and Social Mention, but SocialBro is an invaluable asset that would benefit any company. So what makes SocialBro rise above the rest?

Continue reading