Want to Take A Selfie?

The phrase, “want to take a selfie,” is as normal in daily American culture as drinking coffee every morning. You know you take a lot of photos on your phone, but you’ve probably never tracked just how many. A new study by Intel and Lineage Labs examines exactly how often we snap pics — and how many of those are selfies. Oh boy. Continue reading

Instagram Debuts 30-Second Video Ads

Advertisers given extra seconds to please their customers. Instagram debuts 30-second video ads for marketers.

Facebook’s Instagram is one of the most popular social networking apps around, and it offers a great way for marketers to show another side of their brands by producing short, humorous videos. Prior to November 2014, brands needed customers to follow them on Instagram to see their videos, but that has changed.  Instagram debuts 30-second video ads for marker’s on a wide scale, with Fox television network being one of the first to jump on this new advertising opportunity this week.

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Neiman Marcus Shopping App is Changing the Game

Neiman Marcus introduces Snap. Find. Shop.

When you find a fashion style you adore, do not let that product slip away. The new Snap. Find. Shop. feature of the Neiman Marcus app changes the game in retail shopping. Simply, snap a picture of the item desired and the app will search for an exact match or nearly identical idem, available for purchase, instantly.

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