What is the Story Behind Cyber Monday?

Everyone knows what black Friday is, but what about Cyber Monday? If you hate the rush of Black Friday, this is the perfect holiday for you. Following the Monday after Thanksgiving, stores gift us with deals that are too hard to pass up. Rather than fighting for your favorite pair of jeans, you can sit in the comfort of your home. Online shopping is where it’s at.

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Is Online Dating the New Normal?

We have all seen movies like Dear John and The Titanic. What’s the main difference between those movies and reality? The couples talk face-to-face and get to know each other in a personal way. Online dating has completely transformed the dating world. Rather than going out and being social, we can meet a significant other through a simple application.

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Does Social Media Give a False Sense of Reality?

We have all seen that Instagram or Snapchat post and have thought to ourselves “wow, they must have an amazing life”. Between lifestyle blogs, famous actors and musicians, and models, it’s hard to not find a life we may want. However, these posts that we see every day don’t represent an attainable lifestyle. So what is it in these posts that make everyone think they’re so great? It is the false reality of people’s lives that we all aspire to have.  Continue reading