About Molly Coughlin

Molly is a junior at Southern Methodist University (SMU) pursuing a double major in Political Communications and Public Relations with a minor in History. Her experience working on Capitol Hill in the summer of 2017 helped her realize her passion for politics. She hopes to return to Washington, D.C. following her 2018 graduation from SMU.

Pinterest is Different

Pinner using mobile Pinterest appPinterest is different. Different than what, you may ask. Pinterest is different because it does not fit into the mold for what you likely classify as a social network. Connotatively, a social network implies users share pictures and posts with their “friends,” “followers,” or “connections.” With Pinterest, you take an idea in your head and materialize it. It is the only successful platform of its kind.

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Pinterest Like Button

*N'Sync's Justin Timberlake waving goodbye to the Pinterest "like" buttonSay goodbye to the Pinterest like button. In an effort to differentiate itself from other photo-driven social media platforms, Pinterest is eliminating it’s like button. Earlier this week, Pinterest said pinners did not notice a difference between liking and saving pins. So, pinners saved pins instead of liking them. Pinterest’s research discovered removing the like button made pinning easier for users like you.  Continue reading

New Messenger Feature

Animated, mind reading gifFacebook’s new Messenger feature, M, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make suggestions from reading words and phrases in your messages. Facebook announced on April 6, 2017 that they will expand, so M can anticipate your next move. Fear not. This feature will eliminate steps in your responses. It’s like it can read your mind.
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Grow with Pinterest

Businesses can grow with Pinterest

Businesses use social networks to advertise and expand their reach to new and existing customers. This way, businesses can present their product or service to a larger audience. Of all the social networks, Pinterest has proven to be extraordinarily effective for clicking through to the business’s site. According to a recent article, Pinterest generates four times more revenue per click than Twitter. Businesses are able to grow with Pinterest unlike any other network.  Continue reading

Twitter Premium Subscription

Twitter logo--company could introduce Twitter premium subscription for ad-free management of accounts

Twitter is exploring the option to offer a premium subscription to users. This Twitter premium subscription would primarily be targeted towards businesses and professionals. Twitter built its success on free services for the 11 years its operated. Because Twitter hasn’t collected revenue from advertising as other social media sites (Facebook), the company wants to offer business savvy users the opportunity to get more information, faster.  Continue reading

Social Media Usage

Image of social media apps on smartphone, showing mobile, social media usage dependency

Social media smartphone apps

Social media usage is higher now than ever before. Admit it, you check Facebook while you’re waiting for your fried to arrive. You see what’s trending on Twitter to see what’s happening now. Avoiding social media seems nearly impossible. Recent studies show an increase in social media usage since 2012. Widespread access to social media makes it easier to stay connected and essential to communicating and keeping in touch with modern society.  Continue reading

Hater Dating App

Hates from Hater profile, ranging from "having nothing to do" to "carpool karaoke"

Profile of “hates” on new Hater dating app

Did you think it was possible to fall in love over a mutual hatred for cargo shorts? Online dating apps and programs usually match you and a potential partner based on mutual attraction, things that you both like or things that you are both interested in. This formulaic style of online match-making just got turned on its head. The new Hater dating app looks to find you love based on how much you hate something. Continue reading

Customer Service Scam: Facebook

Hearing “Facebook fraud” will likely elicit thoughts of identity theft or catfishing. Facebook fraud goes beyond identity theft. A recent NPR story covered a Facebook customer service scam; the helpline at the top of a Google search directed callers to a scam. The scamming customer service agent at the other end of the line only wants your money. This Facebook customer service scam is another example warning you not to trust everything you find on the Internet.  Continue reading

New Pinterest Features

Pinterest’s co-founder and head of Pinterest’s products wrote about the new Pinterest features, specifically the Lens feature, in a recent blog post. “Pinterest [has] developed new experimental technology that, for the first time ever, is capable of seeing the world the way you do. Now there’s a way to discover ideas without having to find the right words to describe them first.” Continue reading