Foursquare is Splitting Up: Introducing Swarm by Foursquare

Swarm by Foursquare Everyone’s favorite check-in app is undergoing a transformation. According to the company blog, the company is splitting up Foursquare into two separate apps. Foursquare will maintain it’s discovery features while Swarm by Foursquare will focus on more social aspects. No longer will users have to navigate both aspects of the original application. This new “unbundling” will allow for separate experiences.

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OnDot CardControl App Helps Secure Credit Cards

OnDot CardControl AppEveryone has lost his or her credit card at some point, and whether it was left at a restaurant or on the subway, the first step is to cancel it. Now disabling lost credit cards is as easy as pressing a button. The OnDot has a introduced a mobile application called CardControl. According to the company website, the OnDot CardControl app allows users to control credit card preferences on their cell phones.

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Stay Safe with the Alcohoot Smartphone Breathalyzer

Alcohoot Smartphone BreathalyzerIt seems everyone has had at least one regrettable night out on the town. But what if you could prevent that pesky morning after while staying safe? The Alcohoot smartphone breathalyzer allows users to test their BAC on-the-go and boasts “police-grade accuracy.” The Alcohoot is small enough to fit in a purse or pocket and weighs just 50 grams. It looks like this little device can prevent a lot of trouble.  Continue reading

Microsoft Office for iPad is Here

Microsoft Office for iPad is officially here, just four years short of the 2010 iPad release. Microsoft Office for iPad

According to a press release from Microsoft yesterday, the company will now be offering free mobile apps for both the Android and iPhone, and the Enterprise Mobility Suite, “a comprehensive set of cloud services.” However, the most notable of these offerings is the announcement of Microsoft Office for iPad.  Continue reading

Sony Project Morpheus Competes with Oculus Rift

Sony Project Morpheus As of March 18, Sony announced the development of Project Morpheus. What is Sony Project Morpheus? Well, it doesn’t have anything to do with the famous character from the Matrix, but Sony’s new virtual reality head gear could have users feeling transported to another world. But competition with Oculus’ Oculus Rift v2.o has developers wondering if users will choose the red or the blue pill.

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Spotify Acquires Music Intelligence Company, The Echo Nest

What’s new in music news? 

Spotify According to a press release published by the company yesterday, Spotify has announced that it plans to acquire The Echo Nest, a “leading music intelligence company.” The acquisition will now have us seeing Spotify using The Echo Nest platform to “drive music discovery” and aid brands in building “amazing music experiences for their audiences.” Additionally, the deal will likely prompt some changes to the status quo.

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MakerBot’s New Mini 3D Printer Makes a Big Splash

MakerBot, known for its desktop 3D printers, has just announced its newest and most affordable model yet.MakerBot 3D Printer: Replicator Mini

MakerBot announced in a press release on Tuesday that the company is now taking orders for the MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer and is expected to start shipping by spring. This newest product is already the winner of four awards from the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, including the CES 2014 Editors’ Choice Award from Popular Mechanics. What’s all the buzz about? Continue reading

Let’s Tango–Google Launches a New Project

Project Tango dances onto the scene. 

Say hello to Project Tango, the newest brainchild from Google. According to The Verge, Google has created an Android smartphone prototype that “will learn the dimension of the rooms and spaces just by being moved around inside of them.” Google is reaching out to professional developers to take the technology a step further. Continue reading

Land of the Free? U.S. Now Ranked 46

The United States has dropped 13 places to a dismal 46 on the World Press Freedom Index.  World Press Freedom Index 2014

Reporters Without Borders annually ranks countries based on how they maintain freedom of the press. In a ranking of 180 countries, the United States now stands at number 46. Public opinion can best be summed up by The AtlanticAt least the birthplace of the first amendment managed to come in one spot ahead of Haiti.”

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What is the Future of Bitcoin?

BitcoinThe future of everyone’s favorite digital currency seems unclear.

Bitcoin has been the subject of news stories around the world, and none have been more explosive than its connection with the infamous Silk Road. Now with BitInstant’s CEO, Charlie Shrem, arrested for money laundering, some wonder about the future of this enigmatic currency.

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