“You’re so money and you don’t even know it!” -Branding yourself (online)

In the article “How to develop a personal brand and use social networking,” Pam Gaulin clearly defines the modern-day calling card: branding yourself via social media.

Call it modesty, or simply, uncertainty– but creating a brand for yourself can be off-putting. “When it’s time to promote ourselves, we may feel a little shy. Any woman who wants to advance in her job, change careers, or find a job, or is a crafter, writer, baker, or an artisan with products to sell should develop a personal brand.”

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Facebook Me, Just Kidding

Portlandia- Media Loop

It’s hard to imagine life without the “book.” In addition, that usually also consists of tabs open with Twitter, Pintrest, Tumblr, Youtube, and the list is endless. Yet there is also an unusual tendency among every few friends or acquaintances who decide to put all caution to the wind, and straight up delete their Facebook. Its respectable, but curious.

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What Would Jerry Maguire Do?


Sometimes all you need is a cinematic classic to exemplify  lessons of business ethics we heard about in class. There is much to learn from watching Tom Cruise in his heydayРplaying the unforgettable role of sports manager as the title character, Jerry Maguire.

The movie sets the stage for something students write off and don’t quite understand as naive beginners in a new world. Students understand these basic rules and guidelines and mentally categorize certain moral principles under “ethics.” And although most understand the meaning and basic importance of “ethics,” often without a narrative there is no grasp at the real meaning behind the word.

Jerry Maguire is a character any given communication studies aficionado can relate. As Maguire states in the movie, “I’m the one behind the scenes.”¬†

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