From Hack to Cash

 Stolen Twitter accounts are more valuable than credit cards on the black market

With the spike of social media  Cyber crimes are increasing. The cyber black markets and the hacking community are growing and maturing. A report released this month by the Juniper Network and the Rand Corporation regarding cyber crime on the black market which explains how they impact certain markets. On the black market the demand for credit card information is diminishing since there is an overload of information on the market. On the other hand Social media and other online accounts are now becoming more valuable.

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Google Announced The New Android Wear

Android , Information That Moves with you


“Android Wear extends the Android platform to a new generation of wearable devices.”

On March 18 Google Inc.  introduced their  new project idea: The Android Wear. This project brings the Android Smart Phone into wearable computers.  The company released a  video-demo showing how the device would work. It uses voice commands to provide the user with all the information they need wherever they go.

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It’s Valentine’s Day… Spread the Love



Every year on February 14th Valentines Day takes place. Valentines Day is known as the day of the romance, love and friendship, it is the day to spend affection to loves ones. Family, friends, couples exchange presents, flowers, cards, and chocolates and sweets between loved ones. This holyday has become one of the most famous holydays on the U.S. More than 62% of the population celebrates it. During this day it’s impossible to find a seat at a restaurant without prior reservation, couple and loved ones swamp restaurants to express their love in a romantic dinner.

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