Investing in Social Ads to Boost Your Business

Investing in social ads is one of the quickest and most effective ways to target consumers. Social advertisements are not only extremely low-cost relative to other marketing tactics, but they allow businesses creative and versatile ways to promote their products. Keep reading to learn how your business can utilize social ads.

According to SproutSocial, investing in social ads that are dynamic and direct is the the #3 most important social media trend in 2020. Consumers are increasingly comfortable with social advertisements, and brands are taking notice.

As ads becoming more advanced, businesses have even more opportunities to capitalize on this cost-effective and widespread marketing tactic.

For instance, Facebook’s recent addition of personalized ad experiences automatically deliver more relevant ads to all users. Combining company data with user insights creates intent signals that help Facebook deliver the more tailored ad experience.

Part of Facebook’s personalized ad experiences includes multiple-text optimization in single ads. This features allows advertisers to input multiple text options for the headline, description, and link. Based on individual preferences identified by machine learning models, Facebook optimizes for delivery and performance using the variations of the text options.

investing in social ads
Facebook’s dynamic ad created using multiple text optimization

A Platform Breakdown

Trying to figure out which platform is best for your business? Got you covered.

investing in social ads
Highlight deals in your Instagram ads.

Facebook is a platform that is popular among a wide range of demographics. Its a great place to test the social ad waters and build brand awareness. As mentioned above, the site also offers a wide range of targeting options, making it easy to get started.

Instagram targets millennial and Gen Z consumers. With the rise of mega-influencers bolstered by sponsorships, the app leans itself to a shopping experience. Investing in social ads on Instagram can send traffic to your website, create brand awareness, and drive foot traffic to online stores.

Twitter ads works toward three business objectives:

  • Increasing website clicks.
  • Promoting Tweet engagement.
  • Increasing Twitter followers.

Tips for Investing in Social Ads

  • Know your target audience. Researching and profiling the type of consumer you want to target will tell you how to get their attention. For example, Gen Z is interested in personalized ads and will pay a higher premium for products that emphasize their individuality.
  • Create ads that reflect your organic posts. Users are much more likely to not scroll past a sponsored post if it resembles an organic one. Style your ads like those on your page.
  • Highlight deals and offers. People are more likely to click on ads for items that will save them money.
  • Measure your results. Determine how many clicks and purchases stem from your social ads. Edit accordingly.

Not Just for Teens? How to Use TikTok for Business

If you were born before 2000, you’re probably a little confused about TikTok. Despite its reputation as a lip-synching app for teenie-boppers, TikTok is quickly becoming a marketing goldmine. Keep reading to learn how to use TikTok for business.

According to the social media team at Hubspot, TikTok is the number one social media marketers should be watching in 2020. Now more popular in the app store than Instagram and Facebook, the one-year-old platform is a creative way for companies to show a different side of their brand and engage followers on a new level.

TikTok: A Marketer’s Playscape

Rather than using TikTok to generate traffic or leads, companies are leveraging the apps 500 million monthly active users to increase brand awareness.

Using hashtags and overlays of popular songs, brands are getting Gen Z’s attention. One way companies can effectively utilize hashtags for maximum awareness is through Challenges. Challenges are where a company, brand, or entity has users post their version of a certain type of video using a viral hashtag.

Opportunities for companies on TikTok are only becoming greater. The app just recently launched an advertising process and hyperlinking capabilities for brands.

Look How These Companies do TikTok for Business

  • Guess

Guess was the first company to launch a challenge via TikTok. When TikTok launched, the app partnered with Guess to initiate the #InMyDenim challenge, encouraging users to post creative videos wearing their Guess denim, overlaid by the song “I’m a Mess” by Bebe Rexha.

TikTok for business: Guess launches viral “challenge” trend

Watch one of the #inmydenim challenge videos.

  • Chipotle

Chipotle is the best example of a brand utilizing TikTok to show off its funny side. The company has garned 55,000 fans on the app, frequently posting creative and humorous posts. Like Guess, Chipotle has also seen the launch of a successful challenge. The Guac Dance is the highest-performing branded challenge on TikTok. According to Forbes Chipotle’s bet on TikTok is paying off. Since launching its TIkTok, the company has seen a correlated increase in sales.

TikTok for business: Chipotle connects with its fanbase

Tips for Using TikTok for Business

  • Get creative. Unlike well-established platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, TikTok has very few norms and expectations. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It might just get you noticed.
  • Show off the humorous side of your company. TikTok users don’t take themselves too seriously, neither should your business. Take the opportunity to show off your company’s flare.
  • Get your followers involved. Encouraging engagement with challenges, comments, and likes will get you far. With the right challenge, you just may go viral.

If you want to learn more about how to use TikTok, click here for Wired’s beginner’s guide. If you follow these tips, your company might be the next one to become a viral TikTok sensation.