Kylie Jenner’s Social Media Effect

In the age of influencers, social media and digital marketing play a large role in building brands. Social media increases brand awareness and organic reach. Additionally, it improves a business. In the past, building a brand could take years, even decades. Yet, Kylie Jenner was able to build her cosmetic empire in just two years with social media. Kylie Jenner’s social media effect propelled her beauty brand to success. 

At the age of 21, Jenner is a reality television and social media personality, a model and an entrepreneur. She launched Kylie Lip Kits in 2015 and renamed her brand to Kylie Cosmetics in 2016 to encompass all her products. In August 2018, Kylie was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 and is the youngest self-made billionaire. 

This is a picture of Kylie Jenner's lip kits which are now sold at Ultra Beauty. This product was the beginning of Kylie Jenner's Social Media Effect.

Most of Jenner’s marketing is on social media where she has a massive following. On Instagram alone, Jenner has 130 million followers on her personal account and 20 million on Kylie Cosmetics. “It’s the power of social media. I had such a strong reach before I was able to start anything,” she says to Forbes. 

So, why did Jenner used social media to build her brand and sell her cosmetics. Here are three reasons why Kylie Jenner’s social media effect worked for the 21-year-old.

Kylie Knew Her Audience

Millennials and Gen Z are best influenced digitally. Jenner knew her fans and targeted them through platforms they used every day. She began distributing content about her cosmetic brand across Snapchat, InstagramFacebook and Twitter. Her brand was discovered on these channels all at no cost to her.  

Social Media Cross-Marketing Strategy

Jenner used her Instagram for personal and professional marketing. First, she began creating professional content on her personal social media because she knew she would reach more viewers this way. Now, Jenner has a separate social media account for her cosmetics brand. Thus far, she has not accumulated as many followers on this account. Therefore, she has a link to her beauty page and store website on her personal social media account to drive more traffic.

This is a picture of Kylie Jenner's social media effect. She has 111 million followers and uses her bio to cross-market.

Created and Sold a Brand Experience

Lastly, Jenner keeps her fans in the loop by updating them on new products that will launch in the future. With social media, she has the ability to integrate everyone into the experience. Kylie posts stories on Instagram and Snapchat that provide her followers with an insider or behind-the-scene look at products. She swatches and applies her product on her own skin in these clips. Ultimately, her followers are able to see a product’s pigmentation on someone’s actual skin.

In November 2018, Jenner signed a distribution deal with Ulta Beauty. Fans can now buy Kylie Cosmetics in stores nationwide. This partnership has increased her net revenue exponentially. All in all, The Kylie Jenner Social Media Effect has brought this young entrepreneur much success. No matter what happens next for the successful digital marketer, she plans to continue using social media to brand and inform her followers.

The Multichannel Social Media Approach

Is it beneficial for brands to have a presence on several social media platforms?

Social networks are continuously being created providing companies with even more ways to connect with their customers. With the rising number in networks, it can be difficult to justify joining yet another one. Nevertheless, it is critical that your company adopts the Multichannel Social Media Approach. This approach helps justify adding another social network to your brand.

This is a picture that illustrates multichannel marketing through multiple channels. Social media, website, email, and paid search are all displayed in the pictured.

The Multichannel Social Media Approach

For starters, your company should at least incorporate some arrangement of the powerhouse social media platforms into its social media efforts. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube and Pinterest. Each powerhouse has unique tools to inform and engage an audience. These tools are extremely beneficial when targeting different audiences. In addition to the powerhouse platforms, there are countless other social media platforms worth researching that can add value to your digital efforts.

But rather than focusing on just one platform, companies must continually strive to be active on multiple. With the Multichannel Social Media Approach, your company can:

  1. Analyze the Behavior of Potential Customers
  2. Improve Social Media Reach
  3. Strengthen Data Analytics

Below are supporting facts detailing why your company should adopt this approach.

Analyze the Behavior of Potential Customers

Your company needs to be everywhere your customers are in the digital world. By adopting this approach, your company is able to gain more insight about customer behavior. Understanding just how your brand’s messaging is resonating with your audience aids in your ability to attract more customers in the future. More customers will also increase profitability.

Improve Social Media Reach

You must remember that each network has different strengths. As a PR professional, it is your job to craft messages that coincide with these strengths. By rejecting certain social media platforms, you could be limiting your communication efforts. In other words, you may fall short of effectively spreading your message.

Strengthen Data Analytics

Who doesn’t want more data? Analyzing data can give your company a competitive advantage. By having information from different social media channels to analyze, your company is able to strengthen its future predictions and trends. Gaining actionable insight through data is a powerful asset in today’s work.

This picture showcases social media networks and how data analytics gives you the advantage.

Ultimately, the Multichannel Social Media Approach maximizes your companies opportunity to interact with prospective customers. Spreading your message across multiple social platforms is the ideal approach to foster opportunities to reach more people. Your audience is able to engage with you, and your company is able to gain remarkable insight that can launch them in a positive direction. Continue to justify all your company’s social media platforms in your next office meeting by explaining just how beneficial yet another platform could be to the profitability of the company.

Go Live with LinkedIn Live

Some might say LinkedIn is a little late to the live-streaming party… but better late than never! In mid-February, LinkedIn added a live-streaming option to its network called “LinkedIn Live”. Give this new feature a test run and go live with LinkedIn Live!

Video features began to launch back in August 2017 on LinkedIn. Since then, live-streaming has been the most requested video feature for this professional social network. Initially, the new feature will only be offered in America via invite-only. If you want to be one of the first to test this feature, you can apply through a contact form in the coming weeks. If things go well with LinkedIn Live, expect a broader rollout of people going live with LinkedIn in the future. 

A picture of the LinkedIn Logo

Why Live-Stream?

Live-stream has a major impact on the world today. It changes the way we receive news. It allows people to inform and learn globally. It assists businesses with educating customers on products. The list goes on and on. Live-streaming in our world today gives people the power to share content. Start taking advantage of this feature and begin incorporating it into your lifestyle.

Where Do This Feature Add Value?

This feature adds value to:

  • Conference calls
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Video product announcements
  • Sharing tips
  • Q&As

Interactions are now more engaging and timely. LinkedIn’s social innovation strategy aids in establishing, cultivating and sharing big moments digitally. The positive impact is already noticeable. 

How Does This Benefit PR Professionals?

Now, you have the ability to gain audience insight. You can see views, comments and engagements instantly from LinkedIn Live. Plus, you can see the profiles of those engaging. Such insight gives you and your company the tools to understand your audience. This useful information is located on the LinkedIn dashboard section on your profile.

A picture that displays the profiles of those engaging in your LinkedIn Live video.

It is safe to say that LinkedIn was a little to the live-streaming party. Neverthless, the addition of live-streaming was incorporated at just the right time for this platform. LinkedIn encouraged user feedback. They listened to users’ requests. Then, LinkedIn gave their audience just what they wanted – live-streaming.

Hootsuite Keeps Social Platforms Active

What’s the difference between social media and your average human? Social media never sleeps. This dynamic outlet is a place where information and ideas are constantly shared. It is also a place where content accumulates around the clock. The daunting task of managing a non-stop online community leaves little to no room for social media managers to rest or take time off. Hootsuite, and other social media management tools, keeps social platforms active so you as the social media manager can be inactive. Just because social media never sleeps doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Go ahead and take time off; Hootsuite has you covered.

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite, trusted by 16+ million users in 175+ countries, manages your social media. It offers assistance when it comes to monitoring continuous activity. This management tool allowing users to administer multiple social media platforms simultaneously. With a customizable dashboard that displays all digital accounts, monitoring numerous accounts is much simpler. Spend less time managing each platform and use that time in a more productive manner.

Save Time. Remain Active. Schedule Posts.

Keep your company’s social media active by scheduling posts in advance. It is well worth planning content beforehand in order to: 

  • Create message consistency
  • Maintain constant social media activity
  • Assist in staying up-to-date on trends in the digital world
  • Avoid poor planning 

With the ability to schedule posts, Hootsuite keeps social platforms active when employees are out of town or overloaded with other prominent tasks. 

Monitoring Accounts Away From the Office

A picture of the internal Hootsuite app. Shows how you can manage social media remotely.

Social media monitoring just became easier. Hootsuite’s mobile app lets you edit, approve and manage scheduled post from anywhere. The social media management tool keeps all social platforms active and easily accessible even when you are miles away from the office.

Secure and Protect the Company Brand from a Distance

With Hootsuite, you have the ability to invite employees to manage and monitor social media while you are away. By granting employees permission to access the Hootsuite rather than giving them a password, your company’s digital presence is more secure. This method reduces the risk of security breaches as well. As a result, suspicious activity ultimately declines. Due to this feature, your company can upholds its credibility at all times and in all place.

Take Time for Yourself as a Social Media Professional

Being a social media manager should no longer be an excuse for why you cannot take a break from your position. Hootsuite gives you the flexibility to:

  • Schedule social media content ahead of time to give you free time
  • Monitor activity away from the office
  • Share and protect your digital presence from a distance

It can be hard to disconnect from social media when it is your job, but with Hootsuite, unwind and unplug without your followers knowing the difference.

The Evolution of Dating

Why kiss a bunch of frogs before finding your prince charming when you could simply swipe left instead?

What’s more romantic than being asked to “Netflix and Chill” by a guy you’ve been casually conversing with via social media? Let’s face it, there is absolutely nothing romantic about it. Do you ever find yourself wondering what caused the evolution of dating in the 21st century? This question can be answered in two words — social media.

Evolution of Dating and Courtship: Then vs. Now

Dating, aided by the use of social media and digital communication, has changed. The way people approach dating now compared to how people dated in the past is like night and day. It was fairly common for our grandparents to be asked on dates or to go steady whereas nowadays being asked on a date is a rare occasion.

Humans rely on social networks to make initial connections with each other. Some believe it is more convenient and way less stressful. When making the first move, rejection is a common fear. No one wants to be rejected. Nevertheless, asking someone such a vulnerable question via social media avoids such rejection. Hence, the reason it is preferred by a large percent of the population.

The Dating Game: How Dating Has Shifted

Social media, a blessing and a curse, has cultivated an environment were the pressure of face-to-face initial interaction is less intimidating. It also serves as a way to privately communicate with multiple romantic partners at the same time. Dating more than one person has been made easier when you have the ability to snapchat one girl while simultaneously direct messaging another one.

The evolution of dating shifted in the 21st century when individuals had the ability to instantly access a person’s information online. Before social media, dating was similar to being courted. You asked someone on a first date to establish an initial meeting. People were also committed and invested in connecting with one person at a time. Due to social media, this is no longer the case.

Why Social Media is the Catalyze for the Evolution of Dating

Digital dating apps such as Tinder, give users the power to engage or to disengage by swiping left or right. This requires:

  • No face-to-face interaction
  • Lacks intention and intimacy
  • Less commitment

Social media and dating apps take away from the natural human experience of a first date. There is now an obsession with wanting to know everything about a person before you meet them. Rather than engaging in simple conversation, people turn to social media for answers instead.

Using Social Media in Moderation

There is a fine line between the benefits and harm of social media when it comes to dating. Living in the digital age has its perks, but it also stimulates a negative dating culture. Balancing the use of social media while dating can ensure that you are approaching relationships as your true, authentic self. It aids in allowing you to be 100% present while dismissing external forces that could impede on your relationship.

In an age of instant gratification, it is perfectly okay to spend a little extra time finding your Mr. or Mrs. Right. Kiss a few frogs while you’re at it.