John Bezos Will Speak at SMU in April

On November 9, SMU announced that John Bezos will speak at SMU in April 2018. Bezos, the richest man in the world, is one of the most inspirational leaders worldwide. Amazon, the company he started as a book selling business, has grown into one of the most powerful and diverse companies to date. Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in business and it holds 38% market share ($149 Billion in sales in 2016).

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Why Do We Care?

Dallas Has Placed a Bid for an Amazon HQ

Dallas has placed a bid to be the second location for an Amazon headquarters. If Dallas were to land the headquarters it would staple Dallas as one of the most desired places to work in the U.S.. Amazon has made inclinations that Dallas might be in close contention to take the second HQ spot. Some speculate that this might be an opportune time for Bezos to make an announcement while speaking in Dallas. Continue reading

Snapchat Stock Plummets in Q3

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Snapchat’s stock plummets amidst a thriving market (Nasdaq is up nearly 30% in the last year). The social application reported a loss in the third quarter of 2017. This isn’t a surprise too anyone that’s been following Snap since their initial public offering in February 2017. After opening strongly then trading up to just over $29/share in March, Snap has struggled in the following months. The financial issues could stem from anything. Whether it be a failing revenue model or lack of proper leadership, something is up at Snap, Inc. If you don’t believe me check this out. Continue reading

Zuckerberg Handling Controversy With Confidence

Zuckerberg handling controversy with confidence as consumer confidence in Facebook soars. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said in a recent article that business was doing well. Their market price is at an all-time high. He did stress the importance of security moving forward, “We’re serious about preventing abuse on our platforms. We’re investing so much in security that it will impact our profitability. Protecting our community is more important than maximizing our profits.”  Mark Zuckerberg is handling the controversy surrounding Russian election interference with confidence. This confidence resonates throughout his company. The vetted CEO has driven Facebook to the top of the tech industry alongside Apple and Amazon. Even amidst the controversy confidence and trust in his company have never been higher. Continue reading

Barstool and ESPN Part Ways

Barstool and ESPN part ways after one full week of partnership. The two came together over the last few weeks to structure a deal that featured a new show, Barstool Van Talk. The partnership yielded a fairly divided response from ESPN’s constituents. Barstool is known for its in-your-face online content. Additionally, Barstool is led by many strong on-air personalities including their president, Dave Portnoy. Portnoy, has been heavily scrutinized for his posts (both past and present). Because of Barstool’s unrated past, many assumed that the partnership would be a failure. Others thought that the revitalizing spirit Barstool generates with its younger audience would pair nicely with ESPN’s pristine production team. The latter could not be more wrong. Continue reading

Barstool Sports is Partnering with ESPN

Barstool Sports is partnering with ESPN for the first time ever. Barstool is an off-the-wall, men’s lifestyle and sports media company. They have been producing content for over ten years. Initially the content was sports, sports gambling, and fantasy football. Eventually, the print paper company (what it began as) grew into an online haven for sports fanatics and guy’s guys. Today Barstool Sports is a multi-faceted group that churns out content, through podcasts, daily video-streaming shows, a Facebook show, blogs, and social media. If they weren’t at least posing a threat to ESPN, they made it seem like it through their content. President, Dave Portnoy, has never had fond things to say about ESPN. For this reason many thought the partnership was strange. Continue reading

Vulfpeck and Social Media

It All Starts With a Name

Vulfpeck and social media are bringing an entirely different element to digital marketing and branding. Band leader, Jack Stratton, formed the band after throwing the concept out to a friend that was “inspired by the rhythm sections from the golden age of recording,” (think The Swampers) Jack said in a June 2016 interview. Jack planned out the name Vulfpeck due to the positive result it would create for their SEO. He knew that it was a unique phrase that no one else was searching and they have capitalized on that and much more in social media.  Continue reading

Failing ESPN Continues to Tank

url.pngFailing ESPN continues to tank as anchor, Jemele Hill, keeps her job in the midst of a Twitter scandal. Why is Hill’s job in question? The tweet, which has since been removed, claimed that President Donald Trump was a, “white supremacist,” and that his cabinet (which features a black man, an Indian woman, an Asian woman, and multiple Jewish people) was, “largely…white supremacists.” Continue reading