Read 500 words per minute with Spritz


As college students, our teachers are constantly pushing us to stay on track with the readings from our textbooks, and time after time we end up attempting to cram the 100 page readings in the night before our midterm. Whether you are a procrastinator or one of the few that do keep up, there is a new app that is revolutionizing the reading process. Software developer “Spritz” not only might make us want to read to try out the new software, but help us remember the content that we are reading. Continue reading

Is Shopping Online the Safest Way?


Online ShoppingSitting in class each day, I easily see over twenty people, mostly girls, scrolling through different online shopping websites. I always wonder if they are actually buying things, or just browsing to pass the time. This unremitting search seems to have become an addiction, and whether people are buying items or not, this habit serves as a major advertising mechanism, as well as a means for companies to compile information about these personal shopping habits for later use.

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Candy Crush Worth $500 Million

Smartphones are ubiquitous. Everywhere we go, people are looking at their cell phones texting, surfing the web, playing an app, or just carrying  it in their hand to avoid the feeling of separation anxiety. Due to this obsession with our handhelds, more and more applications are introduced each year, and becoming so popular that they can join the New York Stock Exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars. One app, to be specific, that might be striking a $500 million deal is Candy Crush.  Continue reading

Social Media: Harmful or Harmless?

Most students these days believe that social media is harmless, but in reality, social media does more harm then good. When a student posts pictures or status on their Facebook or Twitter, they only think that their friends can view it. However, once they are uploaded they are available to the public. Also, the delete button gives them a sense of security, but anything that is uploaded on the internet can be traced even if it is deleted.

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Bringing Photos Back into Frames

In the past few years, with the development of Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, and all the other digital photo sharing applications, printing out hard copy photographs has become less and less popular. Whether it is the inconvenience, since most of our pictures are taken from our phones these days, the cost, or just pure laziness, it is unfortunate that our photos are all stuck on a computer screen and the walls of our homes are standing bare. Continue reading

Technology, to Iphones, to Tinder



Fifty years ago, if you told someone about the iPhone they might actually be able to fathom the concept of a portable device in which one can communicate with loved ones, friends and colleagues. As mind blowing and as such an accomplishment as apple achieved when they created the iPhone, it cannot even touch the social impact that technology has created through social media. In this instance, I would like to speak about the smartphone app called Tinder.

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