Impact of the New Internet Sales Tax on Small Business

sales tax image

On Monday night, the Senate passed a bill which aims to make it easier for states to collect sales taxes for purchases made online. Although this may be beneficial for state governments, small online retailers are beginning to worry about the bill’s potentially large impact on their business.

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The Tough Road Ahead for Intel CEO Brian Krzanich


On Thursday, Intel made the decision to appoint Brian Krzanich to be the company’s new CEO. He replaces Paul Otellini, who announced his retirement in November after serving the position for seven years. After experiencing a declining market share for the past decade, Intel’s new CEO starts the job facing major challenges.

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Battle for Digital Subscriptions: WSJ vs. NYT

wsj nyt

As the world becomes more technologically savvy and consumers have increased access to the Internet, the way we consume media has shifted dramatically from print to digital. Through online subscriptions and mobile apps, newspapers have adopted new ways to reach their audiences. And it appears that The Wall Street Journal’s online subscriptions are growing faster than its competitor New York Times.

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Dow Plunges after Fake Tweet

fake tweet

While most Americans believe the Internet and social media have made it easier to be well-informed consumers and citizens, many are still skeptical about the trustworthiness of the information they find there. And with good reason. On Tuesday, a fake tweet sent from the hacked Associated Press account sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average down 143 points.

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Groupon’s New Direction

andrew mason

Early Thursday morning, the executive board of Groupon made the decision to fire CEO Andrew Mason. The news of Mason’s exit comes one day after the daily deals site reported another quarter of dismal results.

“I care far more about the success of the business than I do about my job as CEO. I want what is best for Groupon,” Mason stated in a memo he posted on

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Facebook: The Sinking Titanic of the Internet World

Facebook is the single-most ubiquitous social-networking site in the world. It provides a way of connecting an individual with friends and family, a way of allowing a business to promote itself through cheap advertising, and is generally considered a necessity for anyone under 40 years old with a basic grasp of technology. But think back to 2004, when Facebook was still Mark Zuckerberg’s campus experiment and Myspace ruled the social networking world. Myspace came and went, and who’s to say that Facebook won’t do the same thing?

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