North Korea Under Scrutiny with the U.N.

In North Korea, a state news agency has lashed out at the United Nations by using homophobic insults about a man who led an investigation. The insults in the report stated, “As for Kirby who took the lead in cooking the “report”, he is a disgusting old lecher with a 40-odd-year-long career of homosexuality. He is now over seventy, but he is still anxious to get married to his homosexual partner. This practice can never be found in the DPRK boasting of the sound mentality and good morals, and homosexuality has become a target of public criticism even in Western countries, too. In fact, it is ridiculous for such gay to sponsor dealing with others’ human rights issue.”

North Korea will always be under scrutiny as its country does not have a good relationship with the United Nations. However, attacking them with homophobic slander is not under ethical human rights standards. North Korea propaganda is well-known for its abusive language and insults against foreign critics. Earlier this month, the  state newspaper Rodong Sinmun called South Korean President a “bitch,” and in 2009, KCNA reported that a North Korean official had labelled Hilary Clinton a “funny lady” who was “by no means intelligent.”


How Can Children in Indian Be Denied An Education?

In New Delhi, school authorities have a notorious record for discriminating against children from marginalized communities, denying them their right to an education. Within these four Indian states, they are discriminating against Dalit, tribal and Muslim children. According to Human Rights Watch, “the discrimination creates an unwelcome atmosphere that can lead to truancy and eventually may lead the child to stop going to school. Weak monitoring mechanisms fail to identify and track children who attend school irregularly, are at risk of dropping out, or have dropped out.”

An eight-year-old tribal boy from Uttar explains that “the teacher tells us to sit on the other side, if we sit with others, she scolds us and asks us to sit separately, the teacher doesn’t sit with us because she says we are dirty.” This discriminatory behavior saddens me because in the United States, children being educated do not receive discrimination to this level or even at all.

Instead of encouraging children from poverty-stricken communities who are usually the first out of their families to receive an education, teachers mistreat and neglect them. I think that the Indian government should enact more effective measures in order to monitor the treatment of vulnerable children. According to the Indian government, almost 80 million children drop out of school before they get the chance of completing elementary school.

Will The Comcast-Time Warner Deal Affect Communications Infrastructure?

Close to Sealing the Deal

Close to Sealing the Deal

Another major merge between the two largest cable companies is creating a setback, especially for our wallets. Comcast, the nation’s largest cable company wants to buy Time Warner for $45 billion dollars. If this communications merge were to happen, Comcast would shovel 70 million subscribers, which is about 30 percent of television viewers in the United States. So, why is this an issue?

The last time a deal like this was announced was in 2011 when AT&T tried to merge with T-Mobile, which affected the communications infrastructure. That deal fell through when the Department of Justice sued to block the deal. The Department of Justice “argued at the time that the AT&T deal would decrease competition, hurt consumers and squash innovation.”

The Comcast proposal creates another threat, placing a strange hold on several growing businesses such as internet services and broadcast television. Essentially this proposed merger “would create a behemoth of a monopoly, crushing networks, broadcasters and any content provider looking for a path.” Continue reading

Streaming Music Hits Its High

Digital Music Hits A High

Digital Music Hits A High

No longer do you see people listening to their Walkman’s when running down the street. That’s because the days of buying CD’s is long gone. Today, there are millions of songs available to download for free online. Streaming music has taken over due to its continuous inflow of new tracks and the fact that you pay nothing to add it to your most current playlist. Digital music is dominating the music business, from professional musicians to radio broadcasters. Continue reading

South Sudan Killings Continue to Spiral

The country created in 2011 to gain its independence from Sudan, is undergoing crucial attacks. “The killing of more than 50 people in a UN base in Bor and the gruesome massacres of hundreds of civilians in Bentiu shows that ethnically motivated brutality against civilians is spiraling out of control,” said Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “The UN Security Council needs to act decisively to impress on the warring parties targeting civilians in South Sudan that they will pay the price for their crimes.”

The UN Security Council needs to impose sanctions in order to protect the lives of innocent civilians. Last week, a large group of unidentified armed men, some in security uniforms and others in civilian clothing attacked a UN base. The group began shooting aimlessly, killing 50 people and injuring many more. This attack highlights the need for essential protection of civilians in the base and around it.

“The Bor and Bentiu attacks should be a wake-up call and commanders and leaders responsible for abuses on both sides have been let off the hook for too long,” Bekele said. “Unless they are held accountable for their crimes, the ethnic violence will continue to engulf this young country, with UN peacekeepers left to pick up the pieces.” 


Texas Prisons Violate Human Rights Laws

Having experienced Texas summers, I know the severity of the heat that can encompass the state. Well, the heat is so sweltering that it violates international human rights standards and has caused the deaths of 14 inmates since 2007. According to the Austin-based Human Rights Clinic of the University School of Law that, “the extreme temperatures in state-run facilities also breach the US constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishments”.

Inside these Texas prisons, there are about 150,000 people who have to survive the heat. Most of these prisons do not have air conditioning, only the psychiatric and geriatric buildings do. As of recent, it is mandatory to install air conditioning in cells to keep temperatures below 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Until these standards are put into action, officials are screening and monitoring suffering prisoners and providing them with cool liquids and ice.

“We are convinced that Texas is breaking international human rights laws and US constitutional law,” he said. “We believe it’s a lack of political will from the authorities at the TDCJ, they refuse to acknowledge there’s a problem … There’s a belief that everybody suffers extreme heat in Texas and that is true. The difference is that I can be in my office and have air conditioning.”

In essence, I think that the state of Texas should take necessary precautions in order to prevent inmates from suffering heat related illness or even death in extreme temperatures. Everyone should have a right to something of this degree.


Father and Son Shot in Afghan Hosptial

In Kabul, Afghanistan, three American medical workers were shot outside by an officer who was guarding the premise. Two of those killed were father and son. “The father, a senior pediatrician at the hospital, was at the gate to allow the others — his guests — into the building, Dalil told CNN Newsroom. That’s when the guard opened fire,” she said.  The father had worked as a pediatrician at the CURE hospital for seven years in downtown Kabul. The motive of the shooter was not clear, however there have been attacks on foreigners in recent weeks.

“With great sadness we confirm that three Americans were killed in the attack on CURE Hospital,” the embassy tweeted. “No other information will be released at this time.” CURE is a major non-profit organization that has patients that have life changing experiences without the ability to pay.

Two weeks ago, two Associated Press journalists were killed in eastern Afghanistan and an award-winning German photographer was shot a week later. Last month, a horrific bombing occurred leaving five militants and a young girl dead. In regards to the hospital shooting, it is so demeaning that when we as Americans are trying to help other civilians medically, and our thank you is essentially death.



Utah Mother Admits to Killing At Least Six of Her Children

This weekend, a 39-year-old woman, Megan Hunstman from Utah admitted to police that she either strangled or suffocated at least six babies immediately after she gave birth to them over a period of several years. Police found the remains of seven infants at Hunstman’s old home. During a recent interview, “Ms. Huntsman admitted that between 1996 and 2006, she gave birth to at least seven babies at the Pleasant Grove residence, and that all of the babies, but one, were born alive, and that she either strangled or suffocated the babies immediately after they were born.”

She then concealed the baby’s bodies inside boxes and placed them inside the garage of her home. Authorities were called to duty, when Hunstman’s estranged husband found a baby wrapped in a plastic bag in the garage. According to authorities, “Each baby was found wrapped in either a towel or a shirt, placed inside of a plastic bag, and each was contained in a separate cardboard box,” the statement read. A case like this sets the precedent for unethical behavior. It is simply illogical how a human being can create and produce a child, bring them into this world and have the audacity to harm them, let alone kill.

Nigeria Blast Kills Dozens

People are horrified by a bombing at a Nigeria bus station that killed at least 71 people and injured 124 yesterday. The Nigerian President blamed Boko Haram, an Islamist militant group that has become a very big problem for Nigeria in the last few years. The group’s name means “Western Education is forbidden,” so you can see why they don’t have many friends. Their goal is to turn Nigeria into an Islamic state; if it turns out they were behind the attack, it would be seen as a scary sign that they might be gaining strength.

Monday’s bombing would represent a significant amplification of Boko Haram’s bloody campaign to undermine the Nigerian state. For the past two years, many attacks have occurred in the country’s northeastern areas, killing many civilians in the region’s towns and villages. This isn’t the first time militants have struck the capital before. In 2011, a series of Christmas bombings occurred, with the worst attacks taking place during a morning mass ceremony. What is most scarring is how Nigerian television showed images of rows of charred, bombed-out cards and buses after the blast along with bloodstained shreds of clothing, as some of the buses had been burned to their frames.

Kansas Jewish Center Shootings

Three people were killed in two shootings at Jewish centers in Kansas Sunday, ironically the day before Passover. The shootings happened at a Jewish community center and a Jewish retirement home. The suspected 73-year-old shooter was arrested. He has been identified as a former Ku Klux Klan leader and reportedly has a history of anti-Semitism. The suspect known as Frazier Glenn Cross’s actions were a hate crime. According to CNN, “If the suspected shooter is charged and convicted of a hate crime, under federal law, the death penalty could be on the table. That would apply if the charge is that the defendant was motivated by the victims’ race, color, religion or national origin.”

It is just depressing that there are still hate crimes occurring in our nation on the Jewish race. With Passover this week, The Anti-Defamation League said that they warned civilians of the increased possibility of violent attacks against community centers in the upcoming weeks. Consequently, “which coincide both with the Passover holiday and Hitler’s birthday on April 20, a day around which in the United States has historically been marked by extremist acts of violence and terrorism.” With a major population of Jews in the United States, you would think that there would be no more hate crime. Well, unfortunately I think it will exist for eternity.

Mass Stabbing at Pennsylvania School

Violence obviously is not the answer. However, it seems that today more and more young adults are involved with viciousness more than ever. Yesterday, in Pennsylvania, a student went on a stabbing spree at his high school, creating mass chaos and havoc. The 16- year old boy injured 22 people in his stabbing rampage in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. The stabber used two kitchen knives to stab people as me moved through the hallways of his own high school. He went to classroom to classroom swinging them at one another. Yet, he was very quiet while he was doing it. According to a student, “he had this, like, look on his face that he was just crazy and he was just running around just stabbing whoever was in his way.”

He was then stopped by an assistant principal who tackled him to the ground and was taken into custody by police. Later identified as Alex Hribal, he was charged with four counts of attempted homicide, 21 counts of aggravated assault and one count of possession of a weapon on school grounds. Murrysville, a quiet town with a population of about 20,000 is known as a safe school community. However, with this horrifying occurrence, parents are not as ease when sending their students off to school for the day nor are the students, who fear their lives when walking from class to class.

Fort Hood Shooting

Fort Hood, TEXAS – A US solider, who had served in Iraq, killed four people including himself and injured 16 on Wednesday. He reportedly had a history of mental health issues. The shooter, a military truck driver, was being treated for depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and was under psychiatric evaluation for PTSD. No motive has been identified yet, but terrorism has been ruled out.The shooting reignited the debate about mental health reform and gun control.

There were reportedly no indications before the shooting that the gunman could be violent. He purchased his gun at the same store as the 2009 Fort Hood shooter who killed 13 people. President Obama offered comfort to some of the same faces again grieving for soldiers killed in an act of senseless violence. “Part of what makes this so painful is that we’ve been here before,” a somber Mr. Obama told an estimated 3,000 people gathered on Sadowski Field. “This tragedy tears at wounds still raw from five years ago. Once more, soldiers who survived foreign war zones were struck down here at home, where they’re supposed to be safe. We still do not yet know exactly why. But we do know this: We must honor their lives not in word or talk, but in deed and in truth.”

Marriage: Commitment Comes With Passwords?

Do couples share too much of a connection?

Do couples share too much of a connection?

It’s a fact, couples share. They share food, laughter, experiences and smiles. But does sharing a password to your email and social media accounts sound ethical?  Well, many already do and this trend is continuing to grow. Today, many couples use digital communication and technology in order to enhance their relationships. In other words, digital technology has become a dominant force in the communication between partners. Continue reading

Have Touchscreens Replaced Toys?


TouchscreenSay goodbye to Toys-R-Us, with technology advancing at the speed of light, the young generation is resorting to touchscreen devices to play with “toys”. As more devices offer free toy apps, toddlers are replacing toys with touchscreens. Children are no longer begging their parents to buy them the newest beanie baby or cabbage patch doll, it’s all about the iPad. Traditional toys are moving their way out of the clutter in the playroom. Continue reading

New e-Book Hits the Stands in the Digital Communication World


What’s the next biggest trend in the digital world?

The e-Book. GovDelivery, the leading public communication solution that offers an automated e-mail and digital subscription management platform to government, announced the availability of “What’s Next,” a complimentary e-book that identifies key trends in digital communications. GovDelivery enables government organizations to connect with more people, and get those people to take action. More than 1,000 government organizations use their communications platform to reach over 60 million people. GovDelivery shares tips and strategies for public sector communicators to capitalize on these trends to achieve mission results.

The key to staying connected - is GovDelivery

The key to staying connected – is GovDelivery

Continue reading

Crimes Against Humanity Flood North Korea


North KoreaWhat is going on in North Korea? Well, to put it in perspective, reports have compared North Korea’s atrocities to that of the Nazi’s. However, North Korea refuted, saying the findings are wrong. Typical, yet it’s extremely rare for a UN report to directly implicate a country’s leader if nothing was wrong. In other words, the UN is taking this very seriously. A UN panel warned the North Korean leader that he may be held accountable for alleged crimes against humanity–think torture, rape, slavery, and murder. The UN called on the international community to act in whatever manner necessary.

For almost a year, there has been an ongoing investigation traced back to the abuses of the people of North Korea. One witness, a survivor of a North Korean prison camp, told the commission of “seeing a guard beat a nearly starving woman who had recently given birth, then force the woman to drown her baby.” Others told of being “imprisoned for watching soap operas, trying to find food for their families, traveling without permission or having family members considered suspect by the government.”

What is going on in North Korea today is simply incomprehensible. How can dictators exude such extreme power over their people in order to torture them. Sadly, it is evident that genocide will be an ongoing issue in our world, no matter what any humanitarian says.