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url-3The Grammys are the SuperBowl for music artists. Every year in February the Grammys are held to honor, recognize, and celebrate music. All the top artist attend and it is one of the only times in the whole year where the top Artists all sit down in the same room for one night. It not hard to see why it is the most tweeted event with stars like Beyonce, Usher, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga all making appearances.


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Youtube and Paid Subcriptions:

unnamedYoutube is one of the most successful social media sites in the world. Currently it has over 5 billion visitors per day. This number is only going up. This year youtube will start offering an  experimental paid subscriptions for users.


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The Impact of YouTube

While the Internet definitely is hurting the music industry with piracy, YouTube seems to be helping the artists get their music out there. As of right now “Bye Bye Bye” by *NSYNC has over 28 million views. And this was before YouTube was even invented so it makes one wonder how many views the song would have if it were to come out today. Anyone can become a sensation overnight. Rebecca Black anyone? “Friday” by Rebecca Black has over 48 MILLION views. Have you ever HEARD the song? It is ridiculously obnoxious. Apparently it’s so bad that it’s good. “Gangnam Style” by Psy has over 279 MILLION views. This video became a viral sensation. He was even in a Super Bowl commercial.

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Social Media Policy in the Workplace

As the use of social media continues to grow, the line between professional and private has begun to blur out.  It has become very easy to bring out your phone and tweet about what just happened to you five seconds ago.  Most of the time, these tweets are done on impulse and without thinking.  Many of these times, these tweets are not appropriate and can get the Twitter user in trouble.

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Helping Organizations with Social Media

Participatory budgeting is an amazing program that provides opportunities for regular citizens to be involved in the allocation of local city funds. However, you have probably never heard of this program, even if you live in a city that currently participates! If cities and the actual organization take advantage of social media to get out the word, participatory budgeting may grow rapidly over the next few years. Continue reading

Facebook: The Sinking Titanic of the Internet World

Facebook is the single-most ubiquitous social-networking site in the world. It provides a way of connecting an individual with friends and family, a way of allowing a business to promote itself through cheap advertising, and is generally considered a necessity for anyone under 40 years old with a basic grasp of technology. But think back to 2004, when Facebook was still Mark Zuckerberg’s campus experiment and Myspace ruled the social networking world. Myspace came and went, and who’s to say that Facebook won’t do the same thing?

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Super Bowl Ads and Social Media

Every year people tune into to watch the Super Bowl for more than just the game. Super Bowl commercials are one of the biggest reasons people watch it. Over the past decade Super Bowls have been known for having great commercials. Brands like Bud Weiser, Old Spice, and Go Daddy have used the Super Bowl to launch their most successful ad campaigns.

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Twitter For Dummies

I thought I would provide a little insight on how to use Twitter. Twitter is becoming extremely popular and is growing rapidly but there are still plenty of people who don’t know how to use it. Even though I consider myself fairly technologically savy, when I first got a Twitter I had no idea how to use it. There’s a hashtag (#) and (@) sign, what could they possibly mean? I did not understand why someone would say a phrase with a hashtag preceding it. There was no direction manual for me to look at. After a while of using Twitter I was able to finally figure it out.

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Successful Event Planning

How To Get Your Event Out There!

In order to plan a great party or event, you need to use public relations. How else are you going to get the word out there? Today, more than ever, you need to reach your target audience and the best way to reach them is through social media.

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