Apps have potential to revolutionize wrist PR

Most people don’t think about PR and wrists together, but then again, the Apple Watch wasn’t out either.  Apple Watch coupled with apps designed specifically for it – opens a whole new world of PR possibilities  – not just at our fingertips but now right above our hands.

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Social Media Strategies

As the world becomes increasingly evolved into an age of technological advancement, our daily lives become overwhelmed with more and more digital communication. It seems as if all aspects of our lives, from personal relationships to business strategies, are turning to social media. It has quickly become a relied upon tool to instantly communicate relevant information, keep the population well-informed on current events, as well as to gather support and awareness for a organization or cause. While social media can have a vast amount of success, it can in turn pose detrimental repercussion if it is not executed appropriately. Social strategies are required in order to achieve the organizational purpose and use of social media.

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Graduation Reflection

Graduation reflection.

Have you really accomplished what you set out to do? Did you pick the right major? Do you have any regrets? While of course you have your doubts and your insecurities, these last four years have been the most eye-opening.

Here are a few of my personal greatest lessons:

  1. Pick a major you LOVE. I started out as a Biology major, I didn’t love biology but since being a doctor runs in the family I assumed this was my natural choice. I cannot be happier that I changed my mind to Communications and eventually, Public Relations as well. When you’re waking up everyday hating going to class this is NOT a good sign and you are doing school completely wrong. Find your passion, whether it be your major or job, and go for it!
  2. Make a balance! Sure it’d be easy to lock yourself in the Fondren dungeon with blinders on to the world. OR be that “guy/girl” that is out every night. It’s all about finding that balance.
  3. Your body loses its high school metabolism quite rapidly in college. Between Greenville Pizza and Jimmy John’s late-night delivery it’s not hard to imagine why. Get in a workout routine. Now is when it starts to matter. You’ll appreciate it at your high school reunion.
  4. Go on a group trip with your friends. Going on a trip with your friends pulls you out of the SMU bubble and bonds you in a new way. Whether it be Vegas, Cabo, or a trip to New Oreleans or Austin. Do it! Make memories.
  5. Join a group. I’m not saying you have to be in a sorority or fraternity. (though I loved mine with all my heart) Join a group and meet people. Become something bigger than yourself!
  6. Give back. There are a million ways to give back to your community. Do it! Whether its Habitat for Humanity or Relay for Life.
  7. Study Abroad. This is the most amazing and pivotal change you can give yourself in college. When I studied in Spain for a semester. I not only made/met incredible people and saw incredible things but, I feel in love with a whole new culture. Leave that comfort zone.
  8. Aspire to find a true mentor. While at SMU I had professors who I will remember until I die and professors I couldn’t even recall their class if my life depended on it. I was lucky enough to have been blessed with three amazing professors, Dr. Duhe (who I aspire to be), Professor Lee (who showed me your job and passion can be the same thing), and lastly Professor Salinas (who showed me humor is key). Though keep in mind your mentor does not have to be a professor!


My four years at SMU have had ups and downs and everything in-between. However, I would not trade this experience in for anything.


A Reflection on My Collegiate Years

Everyone says, “College is the best four years of your life.” I think college is what you make of it. I hope college isn’t the best four years of my life because I have big plans in my future, and how I spent all of my time at SMU wasn’t how I dreamed college would be. When reflecting on my collegiate years, I cannot help but feel thankful and disappointed. Two powerful emotions dramatically crashing against each other.  Continue reading

Three Down, One to Go

As junior year draws to a close, I reflect on my past three years at SMU and look forward to one more

Where has the time gone?!  Really – I have no idea.  I feel like it was just yesterday I arrived in Texas, ready to start my new life as a college student, and then BAM!  I blinked and now I’m suddenly twenty-one and about to spend the summer interning in NYC before starting my senior year of college.  It’s bittersweet — I’m simultaneously ready to go into the world and start ‘real life,’ but not yet ready to prepare for a year of ‘lasts.’  I guess it’s so hard to think about leaving after next year because I’ve so loved the time I’ve spent here.  I’ve made amazing friends and memories, and have started to figure out what I want in life — started being the key word.

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Racist Comments Lead to Losing Sponsors

Racist Comments Lead to Losing Sponsors for the Clippers.

Allegedly the owner of the NBA Clippers team, Donald Sterling, was caught saying some horrendous and racist comments. This has lead to numerous companies ending their sponsorship or suspending it. Personally, I think racism is deplorable however, a man of Sterling’s position has no excuse. It has been incredible how social media has literally blown up over this hot topic.

Even the players have reacted to these comments , the players warmed-up with their practice jerseys inside out to show their solidarity against the statements that were made. Also, as they ran out of the tunnel for Game 4 of the first-round playoffs they wore black wristbands or armbands.  As Clippers star guard could be heard shouting to his teammates on the way out,

“It’s just us, only us. We’re all we got.”


Here is the following list of lost/ suspended sponsors:

  • Yokohama Tire Corp: Suspended
  • Anheuser-Bush: Publicly supporting NBA’s investigation
  • Lumber Liquidators: Suspended
  • Amtrak: Determining if they will extended regular season sponsorship
  • LoanMart: Suspended
  • StateFarm: Suspended, continue campaigns with players
  • Sprint: Suspended
  • Kia: Suspended
  • Virgin America: Terminated
  • AQUAhydrate: Suspended
  • CarMax: Terminated
  • RedBull: Suspended, continue campaigns with players


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Will The Comcast-Time Warner Deal Affect Communications Infrastructure?

Close to Sealing the Deal

Close to Sealing the Deal

Another major merge between the two largest cable companies is creating a setback, especially for our wallets. Comcast, the nation’s largest cable company wants to buy Time Warner for $45 billion dollars. If this communications merge were to happen, Comcast would shovel 70 million subscribers, which is about 30 percent of television viewers in the United States. So, why is this an issue?

The last time a deal like this was announced was in 2011 when AT&T tried to merge with T-Mobile, which affected the communications infrastructure. That deal fell through when the Department of Justice sued to block the deal. The Department of Justice “argued at the time that the AT&T deal would decrease competition, hurt consumers and squash innovation.”

The Comcast proposal creates another threat, placing a strange hold on several growing businesses such as internet services and broadcast television. Essentially this proposed merger “would create a behemoth of a monopoly, crushing networks, broadcasters and any content provider looking for a path.” Continue reading

Mary Barra a Crisis Game Changer

Mary Barra a crisis game changer during General Motors current recall. Encase your are not up-to-date on the motor world news, General Motors has had a massive recall that has affected Upon reading a great article on Forbes on Barra I must admit, she is a game changer in the crisis world. The demand for transparency and two-way communication is not longer an option but, a requirement in our world today.

New Crisis Playbook

Facing the challenge of a recall would be daunting for any CEO, imagine being a brand-new, first female CEO in your industry and dealing with it. So far she has approached this crisis as a seasoned veteran. By promising to get to the bottom of what happened, engaging with the public on the General Motors Facebook, and handling herself in front of Congress, Barra has proven she can handle a massive crisis. She has utilized all facets of social media to reach her audience especially, when the target audience for your car in your recall is that of young adult age. It will be interesting to see how Barra will carry General Motors through this recall.

Check out Barra’s recall update here.

Robots Do It Better: Technology Replacing Humans

Bill Gates claims that software animation could lead to technology replacing humans and robots stealing your job.

According to Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, robots do it better. The infamous computer programmer claims that advancing software automation could lead to technology replacing humans in the work force meaning that robots could steal your job.

Business Insider reports that Gates spoke at the American Enterprise Institute think tank in Washington, DC last week speaking about how governments and businesses need to prepare for a future where lots of jobs will be done by software and robots, resulting in mass unemployment.

“Yes, robots really are about to take your jobs,” Gates said. “Software substitution, whether it’s for drivers or waiters or nurses… it’s progressing. Technology over time will reduce demand for jobs, particularly at the lower end of skill set… 20 years from now, labor demand for lots of skill sets will be substantially lower. I don’t think people have that in their mental model.”
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Obama on Between Two Ferns

Obama on Between Two Ferns for Zach Galifianakis’s Funny or Die show to promote enrollment of Affordable Care Act.

Funny or Die Images

Funny or Die Images

A surprisingly witty and snarky Obama kept Galifianakis on his toes throughout the interview. An example of their dry humor was when Galifianakis said, it must “stink” that Obama couldn’t run for a third term. He quickly rebutted with,

“If I ran a third time, it would be like doing a third Hangover movie…didn’t really work out very well did it.”

These sharp and comedic zingers weren’t the only points to come out of the show. Obama strategically and effectively communicated the Affordable Care Act to an audience he has been desperate to reach. Approaching the Millennials through an age appropriate, popular online platform like famous Funny or Die, is genius.

Like Obama on Between Two Ferns, to achieve your target audience you must:

  • Research and then do more research
  • Knowing your audience inside and out
  • Target them through the correct and applicable platforms
  • Don’t be afraid to standout from the norm

These steps are crucial. The success of these steps was proven when following Obama’s appearance, there was a healthy bump in the number of those who enrolled in the Affordable Care Act.


Cyber Dust App Deletes Messages After Reading

Snapchat meets WhatsApp in Cyber Dust app’s message-disappearing app

CyberdustParenting in the modern world encourages kids to be in person, face-to-face with someone when telling something secretive, possibly inappropriate, or desirably “off the record.” Anything digital can be traced back to the source. There are deep, dark corners of the Internet, but The Silk Road was still uncovered. There are privacy promises made, but Snapchat was still hacked. There are emails that are encrypted, but still, people gain access to confidential information. Imagine never leaving a digital footprint again. Cyber Dust, an app that automatically deletes every message, picture, emoji, and interaction as soon as it is read, is one of the first apps to completely delete any traceable messages (unless someone takes a screenshot, of course). Continue reading

Adreian Payne Basketball’s Gentleman

Adreian Payne is the gentleman sports was missing in a scandal ridden industry.

Very few of the “this restored my faith in humanity” videos ever truly achieves such a bold statement however, Michigan State Power Forward Adreian Payne did just that. Payne, a 6’9″ senior on the Spartans men’s basketball team is an unlikely companion for “Princess” Lacey Holsworth, an eight-year-old battling neuroblastoma. By an act of kismet, the two met when Payne was visiting the hospital she was undergoing treatment at. The friendship was instant and as you can see in the video below life changing:

As you can plainly see in the video this relationship is not a publicity stunt but one of mutual respect and love. Princess Lacey accompanied Payne on to the court during his senior night, he attended her fundraising party, and Payne even gave her the honor of helping him cut down the net after Michigan State won the Big Ten.


“She’s a special firend,” Payne told the Big Ten Network, “and she’s like a sister to me.” 

The coverage on this extraordinary friendship has even caught the attention of heavy weights like ESPN sports analyst, Jay Bilas.

The sports industry is frequently riddled with scandals ranging from drugs, DUI’s, animal abuse, and even murder. It is a breath of fresh air to see a gentlemen, like Payne, hopefully coming down the pipes to an exceptional pro career. This is the type of man and role model that hopefully companies will endorse and stand behind in the future.