How to Restore an Image

Because I have talked a lot about public relations with events, I thought it would be nice to share and reiterate how to restore an image and the ways that I learned about from the article titled, “4 Ways to Rehabilitate a Sullied Image” that I found on PR News Online ( by Bill Miltenberg. Continue reading

Domestic Violence: Dallas Takes A Stance

Domestic violence is a crime that affects hundreds of people around the world daily. Nearly 85 of those domestic violence victims are women. However, many women who endure domestic violence are too afraid to report these incidents. Therefore, Mayor Mike Rawlings has spurred a community movement focusing on the men in cases of domestic violence, holding them accountable for their actions and treatment of women.


On Saturday, men and women came together at City Hall to support Mayor Rawlings’ cause at a domestic violence in Dallas rally, called “Dallas Men Against Abuse.” The event featured sports players such as Cowboys player Dez Bryant who had been accused just last summer for domestic violence in Dallas against his mother. Bryant stepped up to the plate and noted that men are the ones who need to come together and end this ongoing problem.


Mayor Rawlings has decided that domestic violence will be one of his main initiatives in 2013. He presented this initiative in January through a letter addressed to the city of Dallas, which really challenged men to make this change. He stated that “It is no secret that males have predominantly been the more violent gender and it is time to change that perspective. I want men to understand the negative consequences that can occur if we resort to violence.”


As I have actually studied gender issues involving domestic violence in a class this semester, I think that Mayor Rawlings and this Dallas domestic violence rally truly offer great progress in ending this crime. While women’s activism against domestic violence is definitely vital in ending this problem, it also takes men to fight the battle. Mayor Rawlings and the men of Dallas have made a huge step not only for the city, but also for women and those affected by domestic violence everywhere.

Will Republicans Catch Up?

After the 2012 election, it was obvious that Republicans had lost their edge over the Democrats in the technology realm. However, young strategists in the Republican Party have now been thinking of ways to overhaul the technology infrastructure for the next elections. Continue reading

Karl Rove Talks Politics in Dallas

Karl RoveOn Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon with Karl Rove as the keynote speaker. Through an informal interview, he discussed the results of the previous election and predictions for the future of the Republican Party. Continue reading

Targeting Voters through Video Ads

BlogAs technology advances, political campaigns are finding more sophisticated ways of directly targeting voters. Campaigns constantly use television spots to appeal to voters, but now they are transitioning to online video ads. However, the big question is how campaigns are able to only play ads for voters that are likely to vote for them. Continue reading

2 Social Media Tools for Political Campaigns

Social media is revolutionizing the way that political campaigns track and target voters. New technologies are constantly being invented to track support for candidates. A few of the newer ones that can influence the 2014 elections are Zignal Labs and Tracx. Continue reading

Recap of Presidential Historians SMU Tate Lecture

Both Douglas Brinkley (Historian focused on American events and leaders of the 20th and 21st centuries) and Michael Beschloss (NBC News presidential historian; commentator, “PBS NewsHour”) became fascinated with the homes and libraries of presidents while they grew up. Throughout the discussion during the Anita and Truman Arnold Lecture, both of these fascinating researchers express the value of “hindsight” and the analysis of 20th and 21st century, along with numerous entertaining anecdotes. Read more for some insight!


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Helping Organizations with Social Media

Participatory budgeting is an amazing program that provides opportunities for regular citizens to be involved in the allocation of local city funds. However, you have probably never heard of this program, even if you live in a city that currently participates! If cities and the actual organization take advantage of social media to get out the word, participatory budgeting may grow rapidly over the next few years. Continue reading

Social Media is Rapidly Changing Political Communication

Social media has been rapidly expanding over the past few years, becoming an important part of our everyday lives. From business to sports, it has been transforming the way industries target the American public.

However, one area that has been drastically transformed by the addition of social media is politics. Continue reading