What Would Jerry Maguire Do?


Sometimes all you need is a cinematic classic to exemplify  lessons of business ethics we heard about in class. There is much to learn from watching Tom Cruise in his heyday– playing the unforgettable role of sports manager as the title character, Jerry Maguire.

The movie sets the stage for something students write off and don’t quite understand as naive beginners in a new world. Students understand these basic rules and guidelines and mentally categorize certain moral principles under “ethics.” And although most understand the meaning and basic importance of “ethics,” often without a narrative there is no grasp at the real meaning behind the word.

Jerry Maguire is a character any given communication studies aficionado can relate. As Maguire states in the movie, “I’m the one behind the scenes.” 

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NHL Playoffs Coverage

With the rise of social media, the majority of sports teams have gained tremendous support and coverage from fans over social sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  As the fight for the Stanley Cup approaches, NHL playoffs coverage this year could reach an all-time high on social media platforms, specifically Twitter.

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Trendrr: Calculating Social Media Engagement on TV Programs

The NCAA’s March Madness continued this past weekend. Despite everyone’s brackets being busted and Kevin Ware breaking his leg (graphic) the show had to go on! Due to the real time drama social media was there to witness it all unfold. And thanks to the revolutionary analytical tool, Trendrr, we could see how it did. 


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The Biggest Loser

Fan of the show or not, The Biggest Loser is doing it right with social media. Current on its 14th season, the two-hour premiere of TBL lured in roughly 6.9 million views. This season is completely different than any others. For the first time ever, TBL has children on the show and they are calling for a health revolution.  Continue reading

Sneakerheads: Getting ‘Kick’ed to the Curb

Shoe connoisseurs now have to camp out close to their computers  rather than waiting in line for days to get their pair. The “Midnight Release” craze has resulted in tragedy too often for Nike to ignore. As of last spring Nike has decided you must RSVP via Twitter to ‘cop’ a pair of these limited edition shoes. A link to a video is embedded below to give you an idea of just how crazy it can get.

Midnight Release Craze

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The Beyoncé Social Media Bowl

One of my dreams this year was for the Saints to go to the Super Bowl, but unfortunately that did not happen. Another dream I have always had was to see Beyoncé perform. I have always had a big love for Beyoncé. I love her and her music. Seeing her dance and sing like she can was amazing to watch. If I could be Beyoncé, I would! Like me, many other people LOVE Beyoncé as it was made very clear from all the traffic on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Beyoncé stole the show!

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Social Media During the Super Bowl Blackout

During the Super Bowl this past weekend, every facility manager’s worst nightmare came true, the lights went out. Well, not all of the lights, but enough to stop the biggest television event of the year. Most viewers filled the time with Twitter, Facebook, or simply changed the channel.

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Are Social Media Campaigns Helping or Replacing Super Bowl Advertisements?

In past years the Super Bowl has become the mecca for companies to advertise their products. Whatever the cost of an advertisement was, companies are willing to pay. For Super Bowl XLVII companies are paying roughly $4 million dollars for 30 seconds of airtime. Because of high costs, some companies are utilizing social media in addition to their on-air commercial time to gain more impressions.

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