Cyber Dust App Deletes Messages After Reading

Snapchat meets WhatsApp in Cyber Dust app’s message-disappearing app

CyberdustParenting in the modern world encourages kids to be in person, face-to-face with someone when telling something secretive, possibly inappropriate, or desirably “off the record.” Anything digital can be traced back to the source. There are deep, dark corners of the Internet, but The Silk Road was still uncovered. There are privacy promises made, but Snapchat was still hacked. There are emails that are encrypted, but still, people gain access to confidential information. Imagine never leaving a digital footprint again. Cyber Dust, an app that automatically deletes every message, picture, emoji, and interaction as soon as it is read, is one of the first apps to completely delete any traceable messages (unless someone takes a screenshot, of course). Continue reading

Selfie360 app puts a new spin on selfies.

It’s simple: flip the view on your smartphone, hold it at a high angle, turn to your best side, and with a click of your button there you have it, your own piece of social media’s most popular brand of self-indulgent narcissism — the selfie. Just when you thought the age of the selfie had reached its apex, Selfie360 puts a new spin on last year’s most popular digital trend.

Taking your selfie to a whole new dimension Selfie360, the newest development from Egos Ventures, transforms any selfie from dull to animated. Slightly narcissistic and even more ingenious, welcome the latest addition to apps capitalizing on our selfie obsession.

From the makers of Cycloramic, an app that automatically rotates your phone hands-free, Ego Ventures used this same technology to create Selfie360 an innovative app for photographing your best side from every side. This app brings your digital self-portraits to life by showing yourself in 3D or in a full 360 degree panorama of your surroundings.

Panorama animated Selfie360

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Get Your Parking Tickets ‘Fixed’ With New App

Screenshots of Fixed, the parking ticket app

Screenshots curtesy of Fixed and CNN.

We’ve all wondered whether we could miraculously navigate traffic laws to successfully dispute a totally undeserved parking ticket. Fixed, hitting the app store this week, aims to aid those who feel the wrath of the meter-maid and want to fight the injustice of unfair parking tickets. While parking tickets can be infuriating and expensive, Fixed not only helps you fight a parking ticket, it actually submits the legal paperwork for you. It’s as simple as taking a picture.

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Dating Apps are the New Black

Crowdpilot: The new dating/advice app.

As we evolve into newer and better forms of technology, it was only a matter of time before

The app Crowdpilot is for many different situations, not just dating

technology leaked into our personal sphere. Online dating as whole has been around for about ten years and are increasing in popularity year after year. Everyone sees at least one commercial a day for or eHarmony. And then Tinder happened.

Tinder became a popular “dating” app last year. Because one of my colleagues has already blogged about Tinder, if you aren’t familiar with it, please refer to her blog post. Tinder has set the course for an untapped

market of dating apps and the newest comes with a twist: instead of looking for love you are asking for love advice.  Continue reading

Are Targeted Messages the New Norm?

Social Media Satisfies Consumers Wants

With today’s technology and popularity of social media, organizations are able to create specific messages tailored to the individual rather than the masses. Consumers are statistically shown to appreciate the individualized marketing that brands and organizations have started using.

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Facebook Releases News App ‘Paper’

On Monday, Facebook released a new iPhone app called Paper to put them in the news feed market with others such as Flipboard and Pulse.

In the world we live in today, people are bombarded with numerous news stories calling for their attention. In order to attempt to sift through all of this information, news apps are becoming more and more popular. Flipboard and Pulse have been widely considered popular for awhile, but on Monday Facebook attempted to put itself in the news game.

Pew Research on the role of News on Facebook

Pew Research on the Role of News on Facebook

Facebook actually directs more traffic to web publishers than any other social network. According to a Pew Research study in late 2013, one-third of adults in the United States now get their news from Facebook. And the social network accounted for one out of every six minutes Americans spent online in December, according to the the research firm comScore.

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Plan Your Next Trip With Hipmunk

hipmunk In 2010, Hipmunk a travel planning start-up was created as website and mobile app. Hipmunk caters to spontaneous traveling as well as being a full-service travel site that takes the agony out of travel planning with an easy to use site and low fares. If that doesn’t lure you in maybe the cute little chipmunk in an aviation outfit will.  Continue reading

MTV Artists App Does It All

MTV Artists App

MTV Artists App for the iPhone takes MTV back to its music origins. The new app that was released Thursday, gives users an inside look at their favorite artists, new music and concert tickets all in one convenient location.

One feature of the app allows users to search for artists to view pictures and videos, and to learn more about the artists through biographies, band histories and interview segments. The app also gives you an overview of the artist by grabbing quick audio clips from Rhapsody through its “top 10 songs in 90 seconds” feature.

Another feature that the app has, similar to Shazam, allows users to tap the Song ID button to identify the song that they are currently listening to. Once the app identifies the song, all it takes is one tap to be transferred to the iTunes Store to purchase the song just researched.

The app also has a feature similar to Ticketmaster, to view concert dates and buy tickets to upcoming concerts. The app then transfers you to the mobile site of different sites such as Ticketmaster or StubHub to make your final transactions.

While the MTV Artists App for the iPhone won’t be your primary application to listen to music, it is a comprehensive app that provides you with information on artists you’re interested in as well as finding new music. The app is now available in the iTunes Store.

Instagram Introduces Ads


US Instagram users will soon be seeing new changes on their Instagram feeds. Facebook owned Instagram is letting users know that it will slowly start inserting video and photo advertisements into the application over the next few months to avoid potential criticism from more than 150 million current Instagram users. Continue reading

New Handwriting Feature Released for Google Translate 2.0

Yesterday, Google released Google Translate version 2.0 for iOS, an app that can translate your handwriting. Test input, voice translations and handwritten text are now all included in the updated app. The app translates your handwritten characters into your native language by checking the Google Translate display at the top of your screen.

Google Translate

More than 70 languages are supported by the application with 49 of the different languages being supported by the handwriting feature of the application. The handwriting can even be read aloud to you in your desired language. 7 new languages including, Bosnian, Cebuano, Lao, Marathi, Hmong, Javanese and Khmer, are also now available for translation.

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Sound the Alarm




It’s 6:55 am and the morning alarm on your iPhone is sounding. Class doesn’t start until 8 am, so without a moment’s hesitation you hit snooze and fall back asleep.  Ten minutes later your persistent alarm is at it again. To finally get out of bed, or to doze into another ten minutes of rest: that is the question. Continue reading