Shopping on Instagram with the Instagram and Shopify Integration

For Instagram users who are also online shoppers, you’ll want to be aware of the expanded Instagram and Shopify integration. The goal of the integration is to make online shopping a seamless and enjoyable experience. With e-commerce constantly growing as a channel, the integration becomes a powerful tool for brands to grow their brand and connect with mobile shoppers. Continue reading

How to earn PR success with your events

How to earn PR success with your events

I have talked a lot about how to utilize social media for planning events, but Public Relations is just as important. While reading PR News online ( I came across a great article I would like to share with you! The article titled “6 Tips for PR Success with Your Events” Scott Van Camp provides tips for public relations. Continue reading

April Fool’s Day Viral Marketing

As the clock stroke midnight on Sunday evening, several corporations began to unleash round afer round of April Fool’s Day viral marketing jokes and pranks on online consumers.  Companies used different social media sites and pages as a platform to dupe friends, family and colleagues into believing preposterous ideas and product campaigns.