Meet The Latest in Anti-Social Media named Cloak

The Cloak App : The Newest Way to Avoid Your Friends and Frenemies

We’ve all had those days. The days you leave your house and, for whatever reason, you don’t want to see anyone you know. You don’t want to see your best friend, significant other, and especially not someone you kind of, sort of know or met a couple times. Well, now theres an app for that and it’s name is Cloak.

Cloak uses geo-location technology to help you avoid your friends.

Cloak uses geo-location technology to help you avoid your friends.

The latest IOS-app on the market uses geo-locaiton technology to track Cloak, a new IOS App operates using geo-location technology to track your friends so you can avoid them. Culling information from apps like Instagram and Foursquare, this app will tell you where your friends, enemies and frenemies are so you can avoid them.

The latest in the burgeoning anti-social media trend, Cloak allows those who would like to keep their life more private the chance to remain relatively anonymous. In an age where everyone publicizes their meals, drinks, social calendar and whereabouts, Cloak is a nice change of pace.

As good as the cloak app is in helping you avoid your friends, it is equally as good at helping you find them. Cue the stalkers. When we instagram, or check in on Foursquare we are virtually opening ourselves up to visitors and attention (wanted or otherwise). With Cloak, our friends, ex’s and even acquaintances have access to our exact location. Scary? Maybe a little bit. Although it is now the norm to post pictures and statuses with geo-tags, Cloak takes it one step further.

So, avoiding friends and becoming a stalker now comes in a tiny green package. Can it be used for good? of course. Will some people take it to a new level of creepy? most definitely.

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There is A New App Called Cloak

This new app called Cloak is a continuation of an anti-social trend that can be seen in applications like Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Ever wanted to avoid someone?  It’s not that you don’t like this person, but your day just might be better if you did not randomly run into him or her.  If so, there is a new app called Cloak that is just for you.  It’s the newest in anti-social apps.  It helps you deliberately avoid people.  That’s right; Cloak has teamed up with Instagram and Foursquare, using their location devices to find your friends, so that you can avoid them.  It’s currently only for iOS, but the idea is that it will expand if people like it.  It’s currently free in the app store. Continue reading