Cyber Bullying and Sports Shaming

Last weekend, the Auburn versus Alabama game was one for the ages. The already heated rivalry produced an exciting, close game that eventually ended with Auburn coming out on top. In the end, a botched field goal was returned over 105 yards for a touchdown and the win. While social media made it easy to follow the game play-by-play, it also showcased one of the darker aspects of technology: the opportunity for easy, senseless bullying. Continue reading

Whisper App: Anonymity Prevention of Cyber Bullying

The mobile social media app, Whisper, allows users to express themselves anonymously and reveal secrets that they wouldn’t feel comfortable revealing behind a username or profile.

Users create a “whisper” by creating a personally styled card where they can write a secret that are displayed in front of pictures the user chooses. Users of the app are able to “like” and comment on whispers, however because there are no user profiles following a particular user is impossible.

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