The Donald Trump Show!

Election day is only Facebook Live15 short days away and tensions are high. Both candidates have zealous supporters and even more fervent opposers. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been going head to head for months. Social media has played an enormous part in this election. From Donald Trump’s infamous tweets to Hillary connecting with millennial via Instagram social media has played a vital role in connecting the candidates to voters. And just today Donald Trump’s campaign has announced it’s very own show, The Donald Trump show airing nightly on Facebook Live.

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Facebook Increases Efforts in Campaign for Facebook Live

With the release of Facebook Live in April 2016, Facebook has seen little engagement with their millions of users. How so? This top social media platform should be seeing a high number of results, right?

Facebook Live CampaignFacebook Live is simple and easy to use, yet Facebook users are not using this new tool as the social platform as originally hoped. Because Facebook Live is so personal and well, live, many are uncomfortanle with the broadcasting aspect of the feature. Rather than editing or altering a post, Facebook Live provides a new element to social engagement by generating live content. Continue reading