Are you Instafamous? 

Tell Brad Pitt to move over, there is a new superstar in town- and it’s not Justin Bieber… it’s you!

Instafamous.  Also known as Instagram famous, is a term that acquires thousands- if not millions- of people following your Instagram Picture of Instagram Logo that says, "Insta Famous".account. You know who you are. You average 50k likes per photo… on a weekend… at midnight. You have such a large following that brands contact you to wear their clothes (and keep them) or promote their products on your captions (and get paid using them).  You have made it when Victoria Secret contacts you to come to their annual fashion show for free… on the Angel’s private jet.

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You Can’t Buy Your Friends – Or Can You?

Companies can buy likes, views, and followers to look more successful on social media 

As social media users, we know the familiar thrill of gaining new Twitter followers, or watching the number of views on our YouTube videos skyrocket. For companies, though, gaining new followers and reaching a broad audience is not just about the thrill — it is pivotal to success.  As blogger Daniel Sharkov explains, “No matter how much you engage with others or how quality your tweets are, getting results with only 200 followers can hardly happen.”

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