Waze: GPS Meets Personal Assistant

If you don’t know about Waze yet, your time behind the wheel is about to get a whole lot easier.waze-11

Waze is a social media and GPS app for your smartphone; I know this sounds complicated, but it’s actually very simple and an amazing tool. Waze offers more than the traditional GPS device, and acts as a personal assistant on the go, so you are free to focus on the road.

One of its most useful features are its traffic updates. Any user can warn those around them about congestion or any accidents. Users can also report other abnormalities on the road such as hazards on the road, cameras, gas prices, and even police on the road. These heads up give drivers ample time to prepare for these occurrences.

In addition, you can use Waze to coordinate meeting with friends and family. For example, you can easily share your drive with any contact you’re planning to meet, so they can see your ETA and watch your movements on a live map. This is particularly helpful when you want multiple people to meet at a location; you can simply send it to them and track their movement toward you. This app is wildly popular for its convenience and user-friendly interface, so don’t hesitate to download and see what all the hype is about.

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