Is there an Apple Innovation Decline?

Apple CEO Tim Cook criticizes new book

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs together

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs together

Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs, by Ykari Iwatani Kane, argues that the company has lost its innovative touch since the death of Jobs. Is there an Apple innovation decline?

When Steve Jobs died, everyone knew that Apple would take a hit? How big of a hit was up to the consumer to decide. So far, the company has more-or-less remain stagnant. If and why is there a Apple innovation decline?

Former Wall Street Journal Reporter Yukari Iwantani Kane, argues that Apple is slowly declining from an iconic to “just another company.”

To see more of Tim Cooks response to CNBC Click Here for Wall Street Journal Link.

So that leaves the question, is there actually an Apple innovation decline? Well lets take a look at their three successful products.


Progression of MacBooks

Progression of MacBooks

The Macbook is a notebook computer manufactured by Apple from early 2006 until today. The only chance, adding in a single word, the Macbook Pro. Although there has been some changes in design of the computer by changing the casing as well as the screens that are used, all in all the computers are pretty much the same. While some companies are incorporating touch screens and making Tablets, Apple has stayed the same. No Innovation.


The iPad is a tablet computer made by Apple which was released in 2010. They use both Wi-Fi and cellular data plans and have sold over 170 million since 2010. Well the iPad is about the only real product we have seen some innovation. What did they do? They made it mini!!! Now the mini iPad is a great devise but lets be real here, it is either A) A smaller iPad. B) A larger iPhone. or C) A whole new invention that blew the minds of the consumers. Correct answers A and B. No Innovation


Well, we all know what I am about to say here. I use the iPhone 5. And that is not even the most recent phone they have. I think that is enough said. No Innovation.

To be fair the company has made efforts to compete with Microsoft office with its Pages, Numbers and Keynote. However these applications are new and most people don’t want to make the change from what they already know.

The Future

Apple is a fantastic company that has seen adversity before. They will bounce back, and they will come up with the next hit product. It is just a matter of time…



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