Microsoft Office for iPad is Here

Microsoft Office for iPad is officially here, just four years short of the 2010 iPad release. Microsoft Office for iPad

According to a press release from Microsoft yesterday, the company will now be offering free mobile apps for both the Android and iPhone, and the Enterprise Mobility Suite, “a comprehensive set of cloud services.” However, the most notable of these offerings is the announcement of Microsoft Office for iPad.  Continue reading

Restaurants Are Going Digital With Tablet Menus

Tablet Menu

We all knew this was going to happen eventually… the tablet menu. We would no longer have to flip through pasta stained menus, but now have the luxury of swiping with our index finger on a tablet to browse a menu.

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Who really invented the Tablet ? Was it Apple or Microsoft ?


The iPad was one of Steve Jobs greatest creations. In fact, he stated on a personal interview that he started working on the iPad for a long time before he ever even started on the iPhone. However, the demand at the time was to create a successful mobile phone device. After the iPhone’s success Steve Jobs went right back to improve the iPad.

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Christmas Tech List

As Halloween approaches, it’s hard not to start thinking about Thanksgiving and inevitably it’s cousin Christmas, and all the goodies you would love to find under the Christmas tree. So I have compiled not just any old Christmas Wish List but a Christmas Tech List of all the cool digital gadgets that I and maybe you would love brimming out of the stocking this year! From TVs, to tablets, to apps and more!

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Social behavior predictions for latest gadgets and gizmos

Signs of the digital divide are bound to continue showing in patterns of digital consumption. Here are three of many ways in which consumers choices will show the social split among “haves and have nots” for the rest of the year: iPhone 5s or 5c, Google Wallet and the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Wealth and Technology Consumption

You mean you don’t have the i-toothpick yet?

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