NBC Thinks Bigger is Better

Digital allows NBC to up coverage of Sochi Olympics  NBC logo over Olympic rings

The 2012 London Summer Olympics proved to be a rough time for NBC.  Following the delayed broadcasting of the opening ceremonies and many anticipated events, the network found itself the subject of Twitter’s trending #FailNBC.  This go-round, however, NBC promises not to disappoint.  Its solution?  Digital coverage – and lots of it.

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Television: the broadcasting of a still or moving image via radiowaves to receivers that project a view of the image on a picture tube (Dictionary). Although the television still does the same job, the process of watching has tremendously changed in recent years. Did you really watch the finale of Breaking Bad if you didn’t make the Facebook status, “All bad things must come to an end”, were you one of the millions to tweet about Miley Cyrus’ VMA twerking performance? In the digital world it is not about watching, it is about telling.

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