No Passwords are Safe

Security Failures Leave Passwords Vulnerable to Attacks

In the last few days every Internet user has worried about changing their passwords. Which ones to change, which ones to leave the same. There has yet to be a definitive answer. Heartbleed, a major flaw that made vulnerable passwords and other confidential user information this past week, is not the first flaw to impact Internet users and it definitely will not be the last.

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Passwords – A Thing of the Past with Biometric Alternatives

Passwords will hopefully phase out as biometric alternatives become more prevalent in the years to come. 

We’ve all been there. We type in our username and then spend the next 10 minutes guessing the password by typing in every password we’ve ever used. Maybe we get in on our fourth try, but more than likely we end up hitting the “Forgot Password” and wait for an email.  It’s frustrating, it’s time consuming, and biometric alternatives may solve it all.

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