Get Your Parking Tickets ‘Fixed’ With New App

Screenshots of Fixed, the parking ticket app

Screenshots curtesy of Fixed and CNN.

We’ve all wondered whether we could miraculously navigate traffic laws to successfully dispute a totally undeserved parking ticket. Fixed, hitting the app store this week, aims to aid those who feel the wrath of the meter-maid and want to fight the injustice of unfair parking tickets. While parking tickets can be infuriating and expensive, Fixed not only helps you fight a parking ticket, it actually submits the legal paperwork for you. It’s as simple as taking a picture.

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San Francisco Newest Betch

Earlier this week I was thrilled to come across a fellow San Francisco gal with a witty sense of humor, who started a Facebook and Twitter account under the pseudonym, “Marina Girl Says.” Not only is she hysterical (to SF natives at least), she depicts the greatest parts of San Francisco’s Marina District in the sassiest way.

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