Selfie360 app puts a new spin on selfies.

It’s simple: flip the view on your smartphone, hold it at a high angle, turn to your best side, and with a click of your button there you have it, your own piece of social media’s most popular brand of self-indulgent narcissism — the selfie. Just when you thought the age of the selfie had reached its apex, Selfie360 puts a new spin on last year’s most popular digital trend.

Taking your selfie to a whole new dimension Selfie360, the newest development from Egos Ventures, transforms any selfie from dull to animated. Slightly narcissistic and even more ingenious, welcome the latest addition to apps capitalizing on our selfie obsession.

From the makers of Cycloramic, an app that automatically rotates your phone hands-free, Ego Ventures used this same technology to create Selfie360 an innovative app for photographing your best side from every side. This app brings your digital self-portraits to life by showing yourself in 3D or in a full 360 degree panorama of your surroundings.

Panorama animated Selfie360

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