Selfies in the Business World

Snapchat, a leading social media force in our society, has transformed from a social platform to a news source. Selfies in the business world are a new way for companies to get their brand and message out there in an entertaining way. Snapchat is convenient and allows businesses to send their selfies in the business world to show why consumers want their brand or product.

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The Snapchat Phenomena: When Face-to-Face Communication Turned Wireless


Has the text messaging era come to an end?

When texting at the dinner table was deemed to be rude, who would have thought posing for a “selfie” while biting into a burger would become the next biggest fad?  Well, today the world of communicating has escalated to a whole other level.

While many people are still getting the hang of texting on the Iphone, people around the world are “snapping” pictures of themselves to friends in lieu of a text.  Thus, creating a much more intimate way of communicating with one another. Rather than adding an emojicon to a text in order to convey emotions, Snapchat is able to express the physicality of communication through photos. Being able to share a specific moment face-to-face with someone across the country adds character and familiarity to communication, when text messages do not. Continue reading