Let’s Tango–Google Launches a New Project

Project Tango dances onto the scene. 

Say hello to Project Tango, the newest brainchild from Google. According to The Verge, Google has created an Android smartphone prototype that “will learn the dimension of the rooms and spaces just by being moved around inside of them.” Google is reaching out to professional developers to take the technology a step further. Continue reading

Phonebloks – Will It Work?

Electronic waste is piling up with the constant replacement of phones, but maker Dave Hakkens has a solution. Phoneblok is a new type of smartphone – it is made of up of detachable parts that can be taken out and easily replaced. With Phoneblok, if the screen cracks, the camera breaks, or the battery is starting to run slow, you can take out the piece that is damaged and replace it with a better one. It is a new concept that seems like a perfect solution – but will people buy it?

Braille Smartphones are Newest Innovation for the Blind

Newest innovation: Braille Smartphones

Newest innovation: Braille Smartphones

When we use our smartphones, it is hard for us to think about the fact that people who are blind cannot take advantage of the phone at all. However, technological breakthroughs have helped produce Braille Smartphones that can be used by the blind. Continue reading