This Phone Will Self-Destruct in 3…2…1: Samsung’s Public Relations Nightmare

Samsung’s public relations team are banging their heads against a wall right now. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone has an exciting new feature: spontaneous combustion.Exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone on August 19. Just five days later, the first phone exploded, thus launching Samsung’s public relations nightmare.

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Candy Crush Worth $500 Million

Smartphones are ubiquitous. Everywhere we go, people are looking at their cell phones texting, surfing the web, playing an app, or just carrying  it in their hand to avoid the feeling of separation anxiety. Due to this obsession with our handhelds, more and more applications are introduced each year, and becoming so popular that they can join the New York Stock Exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars. One app, to be specific, that might be striking a $500 million deal is Candy Crush.  Continue reading

How much is your technology worth?

This summer I lost my iPhone while studying abroad, ironically in China. Since then, I have been using my old Blackberry from a couple of years ago. It has been a frustrating change for myself, as well as my family and friends. I can’t download any of the popular apps, such as Snapchat, Instagram, or GroupMe. I can only sometimes receive group texts or pictures and many times texts messages from smart phones don’t come through. Since I’ve been using my Blackberry I have definitely been living a different lifestyle then when I had a smart phone. I’m on my phone less, I listen in class more, and I find myself enjoying my walks to and from campus. I know it may seem cheesy, but I’m more “a part of nature,” if you will. I’ve made the observation that I’m always the only person not on the phone, or with my phone glued to my side in almost all situations.

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Smartphones and Healthcare

SmartAs the cost of healthcare continues to rise and the process becomes more complex, doctors are constantly looking for ways to better serve their patients. A new and innovative way to do this is by combining smartphones and healthcare to enhance the industry. Continue reading