Messaging App Telegram One-Ups Facebook Messenger by Revealing New Gaming Features

messaging app telegram
Watch out, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Messaging App Telegram just raised the bar for social networking by adding games to its platform.
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Snapchat: Is Your Privacy Safe?



Snapchat: Privacy Details Revealed 

Snapchat Director of Operations Micah Schaffer revealed to the Snapchat community earlier this week that Snapchat willingly works with law enforcement officials and provides them with unopened Snaps when necessary. According to Schaffer, the company sticks to their original claim that Snaps are deleted from the company’s server once they are opened by the recipient. But, there is a slight glitch in the system when it comes to unopened Snaps. In order for a Snapchat to be deleted from their server, it must be opened. Therefore, if a Snap isn’t opened by a recipient, it will stay on the company’s server until it is deleted. Continue reading