Why Snap Map is Beneficial in the World of Social

Snap Map is beneficial to you in more ways than one.

As if the world of social media could not get any more intrusive. Now, cue Snap Map, the latest (and creepiest) feature of Snapchat. The possibilities that social media offers its users are endless. 

Snap Map is the feature that users want to hate, yet, can’t help but to love. What is it, exactly? And more importantly, what are the reasons why Snap Map is beneficial to you?

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Social Media in Ukrainian Tumult

Reaction to tumult in Ukraine is affected by social media.

What’s happening in the Ukraine and Russia is making people bite their nails.  Everyone is on red alert as people watch Russia flex its muscles, Ukraine struggle in confusion, and the rest of the world threaten sanctions with caution.  This is a scenario that reminds a lot of people of events and times that we often try to forget including the Cold War and the start to WWII.  With the news that  the Crimean Parliament wants to now join Russia, people are even more confused and looking around for an answer. Continue reading

6 Best Practices of Instagram Users

Vibrant colors, a beautiful sunset, and #nofilter are constantly posted on Instagram by friends, but is it appropriate for an organization to post things like that? 

As Instagram grows and makes its way to being the main means of social media for the younger generation, it is becoming essential to know the do’s and don’ts of Instagram.  Here are some best practices for creating an effective and engaging Instagram. Continue reading

Endorsements in the Online Community

Popular vloggers have a connection with their followers and have more influence and attract certain audiences. Like vloggers, businesses cater to their own specific audience and, by employing prominent members of the online community to endorse their product, the company can create a following online and produce viral campaigns. Continue reading