The 2016 Starbucks Red Cup: Full of Personality and Holiday Cheer

For almost 20 years, Starbucks has embraced the holiday season with a signature red cup. Since 1997, the designs have ranged from mistletoe to ornaments, adding a personal touch to the standard cup of coffee.

Last year, Starbucks received a lot of negative attention by removing this holiday tradition. Instead of seeing a creative and festive design, customers were greeted with a solid, red cup. Starbucks Vice President of Design, Jeffrey Fields, stated that the cups we meant to “usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories.” Even though this sounds like a good PR move on paper, it turned out to be a disaster.

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Starbucks Twitter Idea To Tweet-a-Coffee To A Friend


Back in the ‘70s, Coca-Cola was known for promoting happiness by sharing with friends, family and strangers. It encouraged the ‘pass it on’ mentality when encouraging people to help one another out. Now coffee powerhouse, Starbucks, is adding a new twist to that concept through the world of social media. Continue reading