Twitter is an extremely powerful tool that can drive consumers to your business if done right. It’s a unique social media platform because of its fast-paced, conversational nature. A well-thought-out Twitter strategy is essential to the success of your business’ tweets.


Along with most other social media platforms, Twitter offers a forum for businesses to share crafted messages to a diverse audience. Twitter is more casual and conversational than other platforms, offering your business opportunities to create or reinforce your brand, your voice, and strengthen your brand recognition. By using an effective Twitter strategy, you can shape the narrative and popular opinion of your organization. If your business does not have a clear brand voice, Twitter is the best platform to create or reinforce that voice because of the high levels of interaction. Once your brand and brand voice are solidified, users will be able to associate your organization with the content posted on your account.

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An effective Twitter strategy affords your business a wide-reaching channel to highlight accomplishments, help consumers, and ultimately, increase revenue and expand your business.

ExxonMobil highlights their accomplishments in their Twitter strategy
Highlight accomplishments in your Twitter strategy


A successful Twitter strategy can be mutually beneficial to your organization as well as your audience. For your organization, Twitter can be a useful tool to strengthen support among your current audience, reach audiences you wouldn’t otherwise, and create the sense that the company is personified. For your audience, your organization’s account can give them a community and a sense of belonging that they may not get elsewhere.

Netflix's strategy for Twitter is to share content that doesn't have a place on their platform.
Use a Twitter strategy that shares content your audience won’t get anywhere else.


To have the best chance of succeeding on Twitter, the account should be used to create or reinforce the organization’s brand, create or reinforce brand voice, and to insert the organization into timely conversations happening on Twitter. The organization’s brand can be emphasized by the way tweets are phrased and by the content the organization tweets. The brand voice should be tailored to the industry and the organization’s average consumer. Your organization should know the demographics of its average consumer and what that consumer expects of your organization outside your products or services.

Denny's uses a Twitter strategy that reinforces its relatable brand voice.
Reinforce your brand voice.

Your Twitter strategy and content should not be centered on sales. While posting about your products or services is important to draw in business, making it the sole focus of your account can come off as cold and uncaring. By focusing your account on helping consumers and weighing in on relevant news, your audience will perceive your organization as less profit-oriented when your organization does post about your products or services.

A Twitter strategy should be crafted around consumer expectations, your organization’s core values, and the products or services your organization offers. Twitter users will be drawn to the organization’s account, and ultimately, will buy what you’re selling.