We are Big Brother

How did it come to this? We are Big Brother.

boston bomber

Everyone has the ability to take a picture or video at the press of a button, and when anything even remotely exciting happens around someone that is exactly what they do.

Walking around in a public place you will notice how at least 50% of the people you see are on their phones. People are constantly, texting, calling, searching, and tweeting, but the moment someone nearby starts to get in an argument or do anything attention worthy peoples fingers are on the camera button.

I don’t like this. I feel like I am constantly under surveillance by the people around me. Big Brother. People used to worry about the government listening in and watching everyone secretly, but it’s the random citizens around you that will take a picture of you at an in opportune time and put it on the Internet.  The surveillance though is not all bad.

The Boston bombers were caught walking around on fuzzy street cameras, but the pictures taken on peoples smart phones before and right after the bombs went off is what incriminated them. The videos have them as suspects, but the phone pictures have them caught red handed. Without peoples smart phone pictures the FBI would not have been able to get a good identifiable photo out to the press.

Camera phones make the world a safer place, but make no mistake. The government isn’t big brother. We are.