Uber Sends Puppy Love for Valentine’s Day

In need of a break during your long work day? Uber is here for you. At the touch of a button, people were able to receive puppy love in various cities as a pre-Valentine’s Day treat last week. The ride-sharing service teamed up with various animal shelters to melt your hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day.Uber Sends Puppy Love Valentine's Day Continue reading

Valentine’s Day with MasterCard is #Priceless

MasterCard uses sky-writing to promote its social media campaign "I love you" written across the sky

As part of its Priceless Surprises campaign, MasterCard is giving 12 lucky cardholders the opportunity to write their love messages across the sky this Valentine’s Day.  Cardholders simply must use the hashtag #PricelessSurprises when posting to Twitter.  MasterCard will then randomly select cardholders in Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego to receive a free sky-writing experience.

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Businesses, Social Media, and Valentine’s Day

As we all know, the most lovey-dovey holiday is right around the corner, VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Without a doubt we are going to see Valentine’s Day messages and photos pop up all over our social media, especially since social media is one of the main ways people express emotions today. Just like everyone else doing it, businesses should take this opportunity to build a positive brand image and increase its brand loyalty with its customers in a non-promotional way by sending out and posting Valentine’s Day messages on all social media platforms. Customers will view this as a way the company is saying we love our customers and customers will be more likely to “Like” the image and share it with others.

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