Ringly, the Newest Fad in Wearable Tech

Ever since Apple released the Apple Watch, business professionals and students have been wearing them 24/7. However, they’re not the only wearable tech out there, Ringly is a new up-and-coming company that notifies you if you have a notification on your phone with a simple vibration. Ringly, the newest fad in wearable tech, allows one to pick who’s messages/emails/calls they want to receive notifications from and keep their smart phone put away throughout their workday.

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Epilepsy patch: New wearable technology for Epilepsy sufferers

A debilitating and often deadly disease, Epilepsy causes 50,000 deaths in the United States every year. With wearable technology on the rise, new medical patches, like an epilepsy patch, can be worn on the skin or like a watch and monitors and interprets data to find seizure triggers and disperse medication.

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Moov: The Next Generation of Fitness Bands

Wearable Technology Enters the World of Personal Training

Wearable technology is a broad term for devices and gadgets that can be worn by a consumer and are used to make every day activates easier.  Both fitness bands and smartwatches have become very popular among the mainstream audiences. Moov, a brand new fitness band created by an ex-Apple engineer, will change the inaccuracy that has come to be expected by other fitness bands and act as a personal trainer for its owners.  Yesterday, Moov was launched through an already successful  crowd funding campaign. Continue reading

A new era for vehicles: Nissan Digital Driving

Nissan made their first vehicle, the Datsun, back in 1914. Fast forward almost 100 years and there are new  products on the fore front: Nissan digital driving. This fall they released the Nismo Watch and the Nissan 3E is set to release at the end of November; proving that cars are no longer just for driving.

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