What Businesses Need to Know About the Benefits of WhatsApp

Last Wednesday, Facebook’s WhatsApp reached 2 billion+ users around the globe. Now the world’s largest messaging platform since its inquiry in 2014, the many benefits of WhatsApp are clear to most individuals. However, whether it be because of the application’s lack of advertisements or the popularity of other messaging platforms, businesses have had the tendency to overlook WhatsApp’s profitability. Despite the increasing numbers of individuals acknowledging the app’s benefits, companies seem to need further rationale behind the known reasons to use WhatsApp. The following justifications should help those communities gain better perspective on Facebook’s best messaging platform, WhatsApp.

Thorough Encryption Amplifies the Benefits of WhatsApp

Unlike any of Facebook’s other platforms, WhatsApp has utilized its company blog to clarify its privacy policies. They want to be known as an outlet where private conversations can be held without any third party involvement. In other words, as stated on their blog, “Messages are only kept on your phone, and no one in between can read your messages or listen to your calls, not even us.” In a world that frequently belittles the importance of individual’s rights to privacy, WhatsApp’s prioritization of that very thing exemplifies just one of many important benefits of WhatsApp. The application is a product of a company that strongly supports ethical considerations. Using this to their advantage, businesses can immensely benefit from the positive ways utilizing WhatsApp can affect their reputations.

How WhatsApp’s Simple Layout Can Strengthen Businesses

The app’s basic operation system brings about further benefits of WhatsApp. Many companies seem to have deterred from using this messaging platform due to their inability to employ advertisements. However, subsequent to said lack in advertisements, the company has managed to create an unusually comprehensible application. It has become evident that the advantages of not employing ads, for this specific channel, far outweigh the disadvantages. At the end of the day, consumers choose simplicity over complexity whether it be at work, in relationships, or when utilizing technology. The benefits of WhatsApp in terms of comprehension can attract the many consumers who become frustrated with the increasingly complex design of other messaging platforms. With every seemingly unnecessary update on Instagram or Facebook Messenger comes an opportunity for the businesses who choose WhatsApp.