4 Facebook Business Page Do’s and Don’ts

Want your brand to be seen by the world? Facebook is your best option. With over 2 billion users, Facebook is the top social media site that allows users to stay in touch with their family and friends. Along with personal users, Facebook allows businesses to make pages. Business pages allow companies to update and interact with their customers. We are here to give you tips on how to make a successful Facebook business page.

Do: post at strategic times

Sproutsocial's research done on global Facebook engagement times. This graph shows the highest and lowest engagement times for each day of the week.
A graphic from sproutsocial’s study on global Facebook engagement

According to a study done by sproutsocial, the best times to post are between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on the weekdays. Posts in the early morning and evenings typically do not do as well. Take these tips into consideration the next time you post and you will learn what time of day works best for your page.

Don’t: post too often.

While it may seem like more posts will get you more attention, recent studies have proven the opposite. According to a study by HubSpot, organizations that posted 60+ times a month received 60% fewer clicks than organizations that posted 1-5 times per month. All in all, quality is more important than quantity.

Do: post content relevant to your brand.

Content can be both original and reposted. Either way, all content should be relevant to your brand. Always keep in mind why your followers are actually following you and what they want to see. If it does seem “random”, use your caption as a space to explain to your audience why it is relevant.

Don’t: post political opinions

Although your followers may identify with your organization’s mission, that does not guarantee their political stance aligns as well. It is best to practice posting messages and images that do not contain political biases.

Remember, the internet is forever– think before you post!