3 Ways to Help You Enjoy Working From Home Amid COVID-19

It’s hard to enjoy working from home… especially when it’s not what you signed up for. In fact, one of the many reasons you started working was probably to get out of the house. Staring at a screen all day isn’t ideal for anyone, unless it includes liking memes on Instagram or learning dances on TikTok. However, the recent spread of CO-VID 19 has brought about a lot of unanticipated changes. It’s time to start thinking about how to make your remote work as painless as possible, starting with the following three suggestions.

1. You’ll Enjoy Working From Home a Lot More With Music

The idea here is to do all of the things you can’t do in the office. Of course you have your AirPods to lift your spirits at your desk, but that’s not always enough. There’s nothing like singing your favorite songs to your heart’s content while blasting it full-volume in your kitchen. Now, THAT sounds like fun.

2. Practice Self Care With Face-Masks, Reading, or Exercise

There’s no better way to spend your new-found time than by taking care of yourself. These next few weeks can be spent applying face masks, reading best-selling books, or going on runs with your dog. Now that you’re not always in front of co-workers, you can paint your face green with no repercussions! You’ll enjoy working from home more once you get yourself in better shape.

3. Spice Up Zoom Meetings By Changing Your Background

Send yourself to the beach, the moon, or even Hogwarts. At a time when even leaving your house is a questionable choice, utilizing virtual travel has never been a better choice. You can’t NOT enjoy working from home when you and your coworkers are virtually lounging in the sun. Not to mention, it’s definitely a good way to liven up your otherwise mind-numbing board meeting.

This unprecedented moment in history has led to the disruption of everyone’s work life. These small but effective additions to your new routine can help decrease stress and increase happiness while you’re social distancing.