Pinnning! Pinterest’s New Guided Search is Awesome

Pinners Can Explore 30 Billion Pins With a Few Key Words

Pinterest guided search makes searching Pinterest easier for users.How many times have you opened Pinterest to search for a quick dinner recipe only to be sucked into a vortex of DIY projects, interior design ideas, and inspirational quotes? Pinterest now has Guided Search, a new, easier way to search through 30 Billion pins and find exactly what you’re looking for on your mobile devices. It’s as awesome as it sounds.

The Pinterest Lo-Down

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, or visual bookmark, where users can “pin” their favorite things to share with followers. Users can create multiple pinboards to categorize their pins into different themes or ideas. Users can create pins of their own projects, pin items straight from websites or re-pin from people they follow. In just 4 years, Pinterest users have created over 750 million boards and 30 billion pins. Overall, 75% of daily Pinterest traffic comes from mobile apps.

Using Guided Search 

As Pinterest demonstrated in this video, guided search will let pinners explore their interests better. Users type a key word into the search field on their iOS or Android device and then supplemental search terms appear beneath it. The supplemental terms are related to the first topic to help narrow down the pins to the exact product or pin you’re searching for. No more incessant scrolling, (ain’t nobody got time for that!) but clean, simple searching to find that perfect recipe to fill your sweet tooth or a how-to on reorganizing your cluttered spaces. The possibilities are endless!

What else is new? 

Pinterest's new custom categoriesAs if guided search wasn’t enough to please their users, Pinterest released the option to create custom categories, instead of the general 32 categories originally on the left side of the screen. Mobile users can now make custom categories that they search often into this category list and have it available with a simple tap.

So to all you Pinterest lovers out there: happy pinning to you! May guided search be ever in your favor.