Medium: A New Medium

FocusIf you’re stressed out by the WordPress interface then Medium might be for you. Twitter and Blogger creators Ev Williams created a new platform of blogging called Medium. Unlike other blogging sites, Medium is less complicated and focuses solely on writing. It is created for easy reading and work – it adjusts to mobile devices and is a great platform for collaborative blogging.

Medium is still in the invite-only stage, however you can ask for an invite. It is drastically different from other blogging sites starting with the interface. It is simple and minimal. A post includes a small picture of the blogger and a short “about me” on the side, with the writing taking up most of the blog. The font is larger than normal blogs and it also includes an estimated reading time. The reader also has an option of adding the blog to their “reading list” to keep track with their favorite reads.

Medium Blog

To make a blog post, it is drastically simple from other blog sites (including WordPress). Medium allows you only four options – add an image, title, subtitle, and typing your post. You can choose an image for your post, a title, a subtitle, and the post itself.¬†Additionally, you can share the draft to specific friends to edit or look over your post before publishing it. There are options to also share it on Twitter and Facebook. After publishing it, it allows you to categorize your post in given categories, called “collections.” Medium is a very collaborative blogging platform, you can create a collection based on any subject you want to focus the blogs about and even invite other people to join and write.

Medium Collections
If you aren’t much of a blogger, Medium is also a great platform for reading interesting and highly credible writing. It isn’t just any blog site that people can post nonsensical writing – the branding of Medium helps cut out this clutter. Posts on Medium include categories such as “Adventures in Consumer Technology,” “Changing City,” and “Design + Startups” which come from professionals and notables.


Medium Post Example
Overall, Medium is a great interface for people who want to focus on writing and get rid of the clutter in blogs. However, one issue with this simplicity is the lack of control and customization. Because it is so simple, Medium doesn’t include SEO customization, plug-ins, or any sort of blog customization. For some who highly favor customization, this may be an issue. However, for others, the clean interface and central focus on writing may use Medium as their new medium.