My years at SMU… as told by Miss J

Almost 3 years at SMU have flown by and the transformation is laughable. Which is why I will tell the story of my years at SMU as told by the infamous American reality TV personality a.k.a. the face of America’s Next Top Model – Miss J. Thank you my dear friend, Benny Maldonado, for the inspiration.

I still remember the shock and awe of receiving my acceptance letter from SMU.

I was so excited for the first day of school.

But on the first day of school, I started to realize how different this place was from where I used to live.

I felt a little out of place, so I got a little scared and became really shy. 

I started to hate school.

My grades sucked.

And I hated school even more.

Even though I hated it, I knew I just had to suck it up and grow up.

So I prayed to sweet baby Jesus to please do something, anything.

And I realized, I’m just gonna keep doin’ me.

After a while, I started to meet people (this isn’t Miss J, but whatever).

Studied harder, grades got better.

I started joining more organizations.

Had some crazy nights.

Really crazy nights.

I was getting more and more confident.

And then, I found a group of people who were just as strange as me and loved each other for it.

I started liking school again.

Now, I love my school, and I’m so thankful.

So what did I learn during my time year at SMU? When in doubt – just pray and be yourself.

But, I still can’t wait to graduate and get out of here.


2 thoughts on “My years at SMU… as told by Miss J

  1. Well done. That’s the kind of blog that would have taken you half the time or less if done via Storify. Check it out you must, you’ll do wonders. Work it!
    “My motto is, walk like it’s for sale and the rent is due tonight.” J. Alexander

  2. HAHAHAHA! Irisa! This was beautiful! You captured it perfectly and Miss J was an extra treat. I wish you success in your senior year and remember to appreciate that you have another year to go (LUCKY)!

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