A New Dropbox for Business!

Dropbox for Business

Dropbox over the years has proven to be an amazing and effortless website that was created for storing files and a place to share between friends and colleges. The number of satisfied followers has grown to over 200 million happy Dropboxers and now the company is trying to aim to create a Dropbox for Business.Instead of using Dropbox for only sharing fun things like music and photos between friends or just storing documents to help keep some free space on your hard drive, they want to revamp the website to cater to work groups and big companies. It would be similar to the older version of Dropbox, however, all of the files would be stored into a central location that companies can access.

The idea is to create an easy transition from personal accounts into Dropbox for Business that is obviously a little more professional. The plus side to this idea is that there is more security behind the accessibility to files and sharing. Normally with Dropbox you approve someone to connect to your account so you can swap each other’s files. With Dropbox for Business there is a higher security that allows companies to monitor and withdraw the files that are put into the system. This extra security creates a more private environment for companies so they feel comfortable storing their information on a website that could normally be accessed by hackers. Overall, Dropbox wants to give people an amazing experience so they continue to use Dropbox for both personal and office use.


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